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Love: Film X or sentimental drama, critical balance – Le Figaro

PRESS REVIEW – Since its presentation at Cannes, the latest feature film by Gaspar Noé has spilled much ink. History melancholy love for one, pornographic and rude to others, the film no under sixteen divided.

Presented in session Midnight at the last Cannes Film Festival, prohibited under sixteen and under threat of being banned to minors on the request of the Minister of Culture, the latest feature film by Gaspar Noé has attracted tremendous publicity months before its theatrical release.

No wonder, then, that Love make the headlines on Wednesday, the day of its official release. If a whole, reporters from the French media hail the aesthetic qualities and beauty of 3D effects used in the film, many are questioning its plot, its players and even its subversive scope so stressed.

Described by the director as a film with “blood, semen and tears”, Love Is a pornographic film? The question on everyone’s lips since the first trailer and revelation by Gaspard Noé that many sex scenes were performed without cheating by players. Yes but not only seem to meet journalists.

To the critic of Le Figaro Eric Neuhoff, for example the film is very “plan ass ass plan.” Its main actor, “as expressive as a toilet bag” embodies an American in Paris lost in a “trifle which wants romantic.” Also according Neuhoff, “the scenario is as exciting a porn, naked contemplate these nested also proves tedious than the spectacle of a sleeper on a bench with Andy Warhol.”

According Pierres-Yves Grenu of Culturebox, “even if we consider that the sex scenes are not simulated and no detail escapes the camera,” Love can not be reduced to this status. Love is primarily the story of a passionate love gone wrong (…) The sex scenes are important, common, but it also happens that this is the case in real life … “

Even his bell for Isabelle Regnier of World Love has none of the announced porn. The film is certainly focused on its sex scenes, many, not simulated. But he does not use any codes of porn, not trying outrageously to excite the viewer, never shows sexual organs close up “Stephanie Lamome, Premiere, then asks:.” How can a great sentimental movie porn? The sperm is it soluble in water pink? Yes, even if it makes lumps. “

Some critics go further and question the reality of sulphurous character of the film. and highlights the discrepancy between the aggressive promotional campaign, which highlighted only the most outrageous aspects of the film (sex scenes in close-up, filmed in 3D ejaculation, threesomes), and rather sentimental nature of the scenario described by . Gaspar Noé as “the blue flower” of his career

The journalist Jeremiah couston does not take tweezers, “It must be said, apart from an exciting first half hour where we see the Murphy torque / Electra seduce Omi, their pretty young next-door neighbor (…), Love just fills his film contract “that makes bandage the guys and girls cry” yelled at large viral marketing reinforcement for months. ”

For him, the film has the subversive media package, the substance being her conventional well: “The film is fairly prescriptive in terms of physical criteria of Kamasutra straight and naughty experiments “Or even sexist.” Worse, for a porn film that wants to be different: Noah conforms to the old cliché of graphic hetero porn with ejaculation as a single point of climax. The female orgasm? Unknown. “

More indulgent, Didier Peron, Libération , speaks of a” carnal romanticism “to sum up the ambivalence of the feature film, oscillating between romanticism and triviality. Much more than by its flood scenes, he says, “ Love is a hardcore movie by its early melancholy, initiation of young people to the ultimate ecstasy of dispossession”.

If it’s not a porn movie, Love is it a love story? It is in any case, in the opinion of all, a work in stylish packaging. The reporter from Parisien, Hubert Lizé emphasizes the beauty of photography Benoit Debie signed, the chief operator Wim Wenders: “Some beautifully filmed sequences – eg long traveling in the Buttes Chaumont Park – are a stunning poetry “

Jeremiah couston Télérama , embossed effects are” incredibly controlled. “. However, he nuance, “giving players (…) the appearance of glossy magazines icons” 3D “prevents skin from breathing and emotion of flush.” Isabelle Regnier of World further notes: “The relief gives sex scenes of the film by Gaspar Noé unexpected beauty, immediately canceled by the ineptitude of the script and dialogue”


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