Friday, July 24, 2015

Avignon in and off: the balance sheet of a theatrical been sealed – Le Figaro

Olivier Py unveiled this morning attendance figures of the 69th edition and gave the floor to Éric Ruf which confirmed the presence of the Comédie-French, opening next year. Side “off” is Greg Germain officiating.

It is strange to note that Avignon Festival “in” and festival “off “since they have a habit prioritize figures when it comes to take stock

This is particularly evident in the” off “where a statement reminds you about. . what was said even before the summer by appointing “the greatest theater in the world”

Or: “For its 50th edition in 2015, 26 regions of France (including 4 overseas departments ) and 25 foreign countries installed in 127 locations (including 11 new), in 1071 companies that submitted in 1336 shows. 128 foreign companies. 565 theater, 301 humor, 76 musical theater, 83 dance, 311 other young audiences, music etc. “.

Officials did not say where they rank vulgar shows, very vulgar, bad, very bad boss of “off,” Greg Germain, refuses to establish any screen. Doing figure is interesting in anything, but we will not resume a discussion dedicated to not be heard. It matches its record an implicit address to guardianship, which, he said, have heard ..

It is hard to clearly understand the great project of Greg Germain who wants to Avignon, any the year, a bridgehead, a laboratory for various missions. Education, Youth, suburbs, foreign relations, etc.

Basically, he took over the major themes dear to Olivier Py which has celebrated its side “the momentum of a Republic of intelligence” and also provided figures: 58 shows, 280 performances, 120 907 tickets offered for sale, 112,500 tickets issued -invitations understood, either donc- . Honourable attendance of 93.05%

As for the free events, they are also the subject of quantitative lighting (while the public often goes without a ticket in these places): 43 576 entries have been identified.

But what are these numbers if the public is not attracted. We can say that the 2015 edition has been sealed. By the heat wave, but also by a very mixed programming with excellent performances and other frankly disappointing

We have never seen a festival be perfect from the first to last day. But this summer 2015 was not really happy because the two productions of the court were not convincing. They will be presented on tour as from September, in enclosed places, and can be expected to be slightly amended.

Olivier Py has promised that one next, he would sign and a show Light

The return of the Comédie-French after 23 years of absence is confirmed, as we announced a few days ago. The Belgian Ivo van Hove will direct the company in an adaptation of Damned the film by Luchino Visconti, the opening of the 70th edition, in the main courtyard.

Guillaume Gallienne will succeed Dirk Bogarde and young Montenez Christophe, one of last committed, Helmut Berger and Loïc Corbery course, Denis Podalydès Eric Génovèse, Didier Sandre, Clément Hervieu-Léger and Adeline will be there to Hermy, Jennifer Decker, Elsa Lepoivre, Sylvia Bergé, among others.

That’s all that was revealed this morning. For the 70th edition, Olivier Py also announced a tribute to the founder, at 47, the Festival, Jean Vilar.


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