Saturday, July 25, 2015

Thomas Dutronc recounts his first drunk with Gainsbourg – Le Figaro

At RTL, the singer has let go confidences about his childhood, his parents and a famous evening with Serge Gainsbourg.

When is the son of Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy, one does not share exactly the same experiences as the common man. The microphone of the show Funny meeting on RTL on Thursday, Thomas Dutronc was speaking about his childhood, his relationship with his parents and two singers of an evening spent with Serge Gainsbourg.

The songwriter, 42, who readily admits “a propensity for déconnectivité using natural products … or not,” says he drank alcohol for the first time at the age of eleven.

And, in good company because the person who initiated the boy is none other than Serge Gainsbourg. “He spent champagne glasses under the table, he says. My parents are quickly realized, but they let me taste. It made me sick “Not pretentious however, he adds.” It’s nice, but it is not that which I will compose good melodies like him “

Thomas Dutronc. also entrusts his child lived in. He explains that he became aware of the reputation of his parents at the age of six, when a classmate made it a point. “The teachers looked at me a little differently, he says. The love of people for my parents was that I was obliged to be respectful. I felt that I had a role to play, as if I was a politician and that I had to smile and have a tie all day. “

If it concedes that” Today’s parents are “very proud both,” he adds they do him any gifts. “They are ruthless! They are not at all encouraging, warm, friendly. “However, when they like, they really like.

Like her mother with the song Aragon , after her latest album, Lord until tomorrow released in May. He jokes: “My mother is a little painful when she likes something she proselytizing to convert everyone, it has a religious fundamentalist side to the music she loves.”


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