Friday, July 31, 2015

Three journalists are paid Cara Delevingne – The Point

duplex for emission Good Day Sacramento, Cara Delevingne was not up to it, according to the three journalists. Visibly tired by the sequence of interviews for the film Dark of Margo , adapted from the novel by John Green, the actress has tackled view from the beginning of the interview: ” Were you too busy to read the book and the screenplay for the film? ” To which the young actress replied sarcastically: “Come on, I’ve never read the book or the script … Of course if John Green is a fantastic writer, so if you have not read his book! you should “

There followed a succession of awkward questions destabilizing the guest, increasingly annoyed:”..? You have the air irritated Maybe we do – Yes, think it is you. “

This exchange, painful enough, where one misunderstands where journalists want to come, will conclude with these words:” When you make five million dollars in six weeks, you can pretend to talk to Good Day Sacramento with a little punch! ” They wanted to pay an actress. They are rather pathetic.


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