Sunday, July 19, 2015

Avignon: “Dinamo” is not of ignition – Télé

If it welcomes back the crazy world of the director Claudio Tolcachir Argentine scene, “Dinamo” has unfortunately too boulevardier to the comic.

of Happiness shows at any time, where between two debates, two meetings, two meetings in the snatch, one can gather around a text around players in the freshness of an ever cooler than the outside dining … That’s also the pleasure and power almost always feverish Avignon Festival.

So, after richly debated (1) Saturday morning with Olivier Py, Thomas Ostermeier, and Christian Daniel Mesguich Schiaretti around This “madness Shakespeare” that continues to engulf the directors (and probably even stronger in the year 2016 where we will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of the playwright), we were happy to find the Argentines Timbre 4 Theatre School in Buenos Aires. The writer-director Claudio Tolcachir especially, which had enjoyed in 2005 the crazy chronicle of an Argentine family in economic crisis, psychological, identity. The Case of the Coleman family

Even foutraque mind, nasty and toxic in Dinamo that happens in the same type of space and tinkered kitsch: here a caravan down, put in the middle of nowhere. But he really had to get three – with accomplices Melisa Hermida and Lautaro Perroti – to concoct this story of loneliness feminine agreed that borders the dinner theater, genre, for those who would remember again: ” The three Jeanne in Argentina “

The aim of the authors-directors trio is certainly honorable. We felt the common imprisonment of three women ages and backgrounds, fortuitously united under one roof. The owner of the caravan mute old folk artist baba lesbian lacking inspiration; her luscious niece, tennis player totally clueless from the fatal car accident of his parents after she, teenager, lost a game; a clandestine paper without the unknown language (invented by the authors!) hidden in the roof of the caravan and seemingly hopeless that his family was able to join

Extreme Situations, body routs. – fat or thin full of incessant injuries – dialogues anyway unnecessary heavily in an absurd closed session where no one can even look at the other, listen, understand … The lack of rigor of the game, the tempo, closely identify – and block – the quick plunge about doing a short performance yet (1:10) in the anecdotal, the boulevardier comical. Pity. Fortunately the other Argentine spectacle offered at the festival – cuendo vuelva a casa Mariano Pensotti and we will tell you tomorrow – after another day rich in meetings in off events – the In begins to slow down – is of a different caliber. To be continued ….

(1) the meeting will soon be visible on the Avignon Festival Site and ours …


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