Friday, July 24, 2015

“I’m still alive”: the shadow of Xavier Dupont Ligon resurfaced – The Obs

“History wacky” or actual evidence of life? More than four years after his mysterious disappearance, the shadow of Xavier Dupont Ligon, whose wife and four children were found dead in April 2011 in Nantes, surfaced through an intriguing letter sent this month to a journalist Local de France 3.

“I’m still alive”

The chain says, this Friday, July 24 , that one of its journalists received a uring last week a letter for the least surprising. Inside the envelope, a family photograph on which appear two children Xavier Dupont Ligon, Arthur and Benedict, the eldest and the youngest of the siblings. Smiling, the young are seated in what appears to be a kitchen or dining room. On the back of the photograph is not dated but, according to the television channel, date back to several months before the family drama include two enigmatic inscriptions written in blue ink. The first in capital letters: “I AM STILL ALIVE”, and the second lowercase “until that hour there”

Below these two statements,. a date, “July 11, 2015, in Nantes” and signature “Xavier Dupont Ligon.”

The letter addressed

This strange missive was immediately handed over to the Judicial Police (PJ) Nantes by the journalist of France 3 and the floor of Nantes should communicate early afternoon . Objects of an international arrest warrant since his disappearance in 2011, Xavier Dupont Ligon can it be the mysterious crow? To verify authenticity, investigators undertook a handwriting expert of the letter, as well as researching fingerprint and traces of DNA.

Unless that even before the hands on these results, the family of Xavier Dupont Ligon does not hide his skepticism. “This history-mail signed Xavier Dupont Ligon seems far-fetched,” says the “Parisien” Stéphane Goldenstein, counsel for the mother and sister.

If c ‘was him, I think he would have written to a relative rather than a journalist. And then he would have no reason to publicize the fact of being still alive. Finally, why would it be in Nantes? Anyway, I have not received any mail of this style in my office, “says the lawyer.

The investigation stalled for more than four years, Despite hundreds of reports of the husband all over Europe, had yet another twist late April after the discovery of bones in a forest near Fréjus (Var), not far from where was seen for Last time the father. But after checking it were not those of the most wanted man in France.



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