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Star Wars Episode I: Michael Jackson could have played Jar-Jar Binks – Screenrush

Incredible but true: according to Ahmed Best, the actor who played the controversial character of The Phantom Menace Jar-Jar Binks, the role almost be interpreted by the King of Pop himself!

In a recent interview with the magazine Vice, the actor Ahmed Best, who lent his body and voice to create one of the most hated figures of all time: Jar-Jar Binks, made a strange revelation of Episode I of Star Wars saga . According to him, a superstar wanted to play the role at all costs: the King of Pop, Michael Jackson

George Lucas would have hijacked the international star since, as he did in his famous. clip “Thriller” Michael Jackson wanted to play Jar-Jar wearing prosthetics and a suit, rather than being digitized. The filmmaker, he would favor the use of the latest available technology.

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“I especially think Michael Jackson would have created a bigger event than the movie! and I do not think it would have pleased George Lucas, “added Ahmed Best. Following a concert where he went in the company of the director and Natalie Portman, finally chose the actor to embody Jar-Jar went to meet the singer backstage. To her surprise, George Lucas introduced him to Michael Jackson as a Jar-Jar. Only shortly after that Ahmed knew that Best “Bambi” had long coveted this role.

Who knows what could have been the performance of Michael Jackson in the shoes of JAR Jar Binks, and if the role – widely regarded as subversive and racist – would have affected his career? It is likely that Ahmed Best has finally rendered service to the King of Pop by drawing upon his own head the wrath of the fans.

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