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“Ant-Man”: small, but sturdy and well funny – The Progress

         Petit template, Paul Rudd is a convincing Ant-Man. Photo DR

Small jig, Paul Rudd is an Ant-Man convincing. Photo DR

Small but tough. Ant-Man is tiny, normal and slightly impressed. Almost an antihero. Ant-Man is even a clueless guy, burglar, just released from jail, a real loser. Only the suit makes its metamorphosis and his Herculean strength. If he has no excess of a giant carved in traditional leather muscular superhero virile, Ant-Man takes his weakness paradoxically a force that makes it invincible face the worst enemies armed to the teeth.

To embody, Paul Rudd, small size actor rather funny and sexy as bodybuilder has the perfect build.

While it shrinks and that its powers increase, Ant-Man becomes almost invisible small, so unbeatable. It goes fast, dodge, pass between shots and hits hard in return, with the power of a bullet. At his side, an air force and ground formed by battalions of ants of different species, we would have liked them to be full-fledged characters in the movie rather than left to the background considered for their only use.

Character unprecedented in the film universe of Marvel Studios, Ant-Man is nonetheless a founding member of the Avengers. The film directed by Peyton Reed, with Michael Douglas in the role of the inventor of Ant-Man (Hank Pym Dr.) appeared in Marvel Comics in 1962, is located in the expanding line of blockbusters developed around Avengers Disney, the parent company of Marvel Studios.

Ant-Man uses the same entertainment weapons. Light humor found it common to all the Avengers. It is not for nothing that Paul Rudd comedy actor crazy (“The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” “Knocked Up,” “Night at the Museum” …) was chosen to don the costume ‘Ant-Man. At his side, operates an unlikely trio of Stooges conducted by Mickaël Pena They are hilarious and irresistible. When he pulls the family comedy, the field of emotions agreed, Ant-Man convinces least and loses its momentum. The best sequences are those of the big show and its comedy.

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