Thursday, July 30, 2015

Stare Prince unveils its new ultra funky single – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The singer posted on the streaming site Spotify a new song from her upcoming album, due out by the end of the year. There we find the “wows” acute if the distinctive Kid Minneapolis.

To wait his fans, the singer Prince has posted ” Stare “, a new ultra-funky single, taken from an album due out by the end of the year. We find all the ingredients of a very good piece of funk, in this song of 3 minutes 44 seconds: guitar, brass, choir and even the “wows” acute if the distinctive Kid Minneapolis.

For good measure and ensure that nobody can misunderstand the author cites Prince same guitar riff from one of his biggest hits, “Kiss.” This is the second song from Hit & amp; Run Album (hit and run) reveals that Prince this month after “Hardrocklover”.

In this sequel we know for now little from the two previously released songs. But the members of 3rdeyegirl, the all-female trio that accompanies on stage these days, lifted the veil last week.

“There are a lot of hits in this disk, c is highly experimental (…). The ultimate Prince fans who know all his songs, this album is for them because it’s super funky “have they revealed on BBC 6 Music, after listening to this record in June. They stated that the new album was co-written by Prince with producer Joshua Welton.

“Stare” is available exclusively on the streaming site Spotify, which is all the more surprising that Prince had decided in early July to migrate all his work on the Tidal rival, launched by American rapper Jay-Z.

The two albums released last year by Prince had sealed his return to the bosom of its historical record label, Warner, which he left in 1996 after one of the standoff the most famous in the history of music.


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