Thursday, July 16, 2015

Love Thus says Gaspar Noé … – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The Franco-Argentine director whose film opened sulfur Wednesday, July 15, is not the type to keep his tongue in his pocket in interviews . Anthology of his best statements to the press.

● “I said” talk about ass “, that will excite people. Rather, it’s full of closed doors. The only door that was not closed, that is when I went to ask for help to the new technologies of the CNC. It entertained the [...] and they gave me for help to make the film in 3D. It is the French State which gave me relief, “France Inter.

● “The representation of sex is what people talk instantly, but Love is primarily the representation of the love impulse, passion. For me, the most obscene thing in the film occurs when the characters, including that they were wrong mutually insult copiously “Premiere.

” The purpose is not so much titillate the public but to show that love is fragile. [Brief Thinking] This is visceral, physiological, deep. We can not do without the dopamine, serotonin, endorphins. Thus lives in a noble and altered state of consciousness. And if you leave it, it’s hell … Like the withdrawal junkie … “MetroNews.

● “Every time I think about my past loves, the first images that come are sexual. We always remember the times when we kissed a mouth or a person entered “Liberation.

●” Through the magic of Photoshop, you cut the dick porn actor and you the adhesives in the crotch of the actor, he does not strip. What is new is that you can stick the dick that someone else on the body of your player; what seems completely schizo “Chaos Reigns.

●” 3000 spectators took my cum actor on the face! “France Inter.

●” I is not that the pubic triangle of a woman more than a lousy example armpit! Rather, it is much more fascinating! “Gala.

●” In the film, however, I gave the main character clothing that belonged to me, it was a way to do him someone who was familiar to me, to move in familiar territory, “Gala.

●” For a long time I wanted a Beatles song picked up by a girl of 9 years to accompany the sequence final. But even through Paul McCartney, who only has music rights on the songs of the Beatles, it was complicated and above all, he asked a fortune. I finally decided to do without it to put the piece of Bach. “Chaos Reigns.

●” This is not a movie to watch at midnight, actually. It is a diurnal film you have to go early in the afternoon, “Premiere.


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