Friday, July 31, 2015

Tom Cruise unlined … motorbike, car, or plane! – Le Figaro

VIDEOS – Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation , the interpreter Ethan Hunt held, as usual, to make himself even his own stunts. In three short videos released by Paramount, the actor explains turning secrets

. Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation Tom Cruise wanted to make himself his own stunts, as usual. The Paramount has unveiled three short videos which the actor explains how stunts are done by car, plane and motorcycle, “There are few special effects and stunt.” Tom Cruise takes care of everything.

“Tom is an ace driver,” says coordinator Wade Eastwood stunts. Meanwhile parading images of the shooting in Casablanca. On the spot, Simon Pegg says his fear: “I am not afraid, I’m terrified.” Tom Cruise led his engine full throttle in steep streets of the city.

For motorcycles, the actor Top Gun is still in control and cares same technical capacities of equipment used on the set: “I work with the best bikes for perform extreme stunts, “he explains. “The bikes have features to prevent falling.”

For the purposes of another scene, Tom Cruise must cling to the fuselage of an aircraft while it is taking off. A crazy stunt that the actor had to carry eight times. “We do not catch a superstar at the door taking off, Wade Eastwood recalls, but Tom wanted to do.” At any time the player risks his life: “If there is a problem, I can not do anything before landing.”

To discover the résutat, visit from August 12 in theaters.


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