Michael Douglas in Ant-Man – Marvel

– From our special correspondent in London, Caroline Vié

Michael Douglas looks like a kid when he marveled evokes Ant-Man Peyton Reed. “Enter into the great Marvel family seventy years is already great but discover the power of digital special effects is even more amazing,” he told 20 Minutes .

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Michael Douglas takes a facelift

The actor appears in top form in the role of a scholar gray costume creator of “Man-Ant” superhero played by Paul Rudd, able to take the size of an insect and command an army of ants. The septuagenarian however remains confined behind his specimens. Seen, younger, do Ant-Man punch determined to show what he formic acid heated to its enemies. Technicians have reworked my full appearance to make it credible. I was skeptical as to the result after being photographed and filmed from every angle by as digital “.

Fear to do too much

Douglas had also s ‘used to turn green background without any decoration or beast to hold on to create the reactions of his character. “It’s not every day that we must imagine a guy disguised as ant on the shoulder. Fortunately, I was shown the storyboard images so that I have an idea of ​​what was happening on the screen. So I could let myself go without fear to do too much, “he insists. The actor was amazed when he saw the finished film. “Playing the comedy is always fun for myself no special effects but I must admit it was a fun experience that I am ready to repeat”.

A role that gives ideas

Michael Douglas has discovered a new agent for this film: his 14 year old son, Dylan. “He explained to me that this film would make known to his generation and that I had to familiarize myself with the new techniques. He was right: digital is the future. To say that at one time I feared that this replaces the actors of flesh and blood. ” This sobering comedian rethinking with a nostalgic smile adventure film At the Stone (1984) of which he was the first young. “We could have done even more spectacular things had we had this type of special effects at the time. It almost makes me want to put a sequence in progress “

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