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Blofeld, the megalomaniac who always wanted to kill James Bond – Le Figaro

PICTURES – The genius of evil created by Ian Fleming returns to Spectrum directed by Sam Mendes. Donald Pleasence in Christoph Waltz, here the gallery of actors who lent their faces and talent to embody the worst enemy of 007.

In the kingdom James Bond the devil has a name: Ernst Stavro Blofed. He is the supreme commander of SPECTRE, a criminal organization, whose head office is located in Paris, at 136 Boulevard Haussmann.

The purpose of this consortium is evil espionage, against espionage , terrorism, retaliation and extortion. His most implacable enemy is 007 Her Gracious Majesty, the Commander James Bond.

Spectrum the next James Bond, to be released in France on November 11, his Director Sam Mendes had the bright idea to make reappear this evil genius. To embody the ignoble Blofeld the director chose the excellent Christoph Waltz.

Since the advent of Daniel Craig, the bad guys were not lacking. But we must admit that our favorite double-zero always ended up taking over. Le Chiffre ( Casino Royale ) or Tiago Rodriguez ( Skyfall ), despite their vices, could not really compete with the British secret agent.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld is of an entirely different stamp. This Mephistopheles crime is a polymorphous pervert. Hate is honey. It appears physically for the first time under the Donald Pleasence traits You Only Live Twice in 1967. He is repulsive. Bald and scarred, it gives a satanic aura to the film Lewis Gilbert.

We find the number 1 Spectrum Secret Service of His Majesty in 1969. This time c is Telly Savalas who lends his face to the crook unconventional. It is no longer scarred but lost the lobes of his ears. The devil is always a physical feature that distinguishes it from mere mortals. Here he commits the irreparable. He murders the only Mrs. James Bond history, elegant and racy Diana Rigg, the Countess Teresa di Vincenzo.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld alias Charles Gray is elusive because he knows usurp all identities. Diamonds Are Forever it uses the scientific progress to be among the first to use cosmetic surgery. Sean Connery thinks kill Blofeld, Blofeld then two. But the demon rising from the ashes. As the Spectrum Bond Head never dies.

Roger Moore era will not be conducive to the terrible corrupter. The actor John Hollis, in a handicapped chair, appears only a few seconds in For Your Eyes Only . He ends shabbily, dropped like a wisp of straw in common conduit factory chimney.

The legendary Max von Sydow, the Ingmar Bergman favorite actor, pulls the strings in Never Say Never Again, the best unofficial Bond, released in 1983. He pushes his No. 2, the whimsical and brilliant Emilio Largo to want to eliminate Bond. But Sean Connery, in top form, will foil all his traps.

Spectrum Sam Mendes explains for the first time the incredible feeling that binds sadomasochistic Blofeld to James Bond. The megalomaniac criminal confesses to the secret agent: “Historically, it was me. I, the responsibility for all your suffering! “

The stunning trailer for Spectrum which will be released November 11 in France


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