The festival during the concert of Grammar, at the Old Plough Carhaix-Plouguer, July 19, 2015 – FRED TANNEAU AFP

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The team of the Vieilles Charrues festival, which hosted this week in Carhaix headliners such as Muse, Calogero and Joan Baez, but also very promising artists on Sunday welcomed an edition “wonderful”, which attracted over four days more than 250,000 people.

“250,000 This year, it’s really very, very good “, welcomed Jean-Luc Martin, Chairman of the Breton festival, taking stock of this 24th edition, described as” wonderful “, during a press conference .

Some 202,000 tickets were sold to the public, which must be added the VIP entrance fees, as well as volunteers and professionals working at the site, said the organizers.

“We’re thrilled, we’re a little stunned,” continued Jerome Trehorel festival director, explaining that the bar of 180,000 paying visitors, necessary to reach equilibrium had been reached on the Friday before the opening of the festival . “22,000 tickets were sold in one week,” was it praised.

“This is a real tour de force to mount this festival every year,” in a small town of 8,000 inhabitants, central Britain, he assured. “It’s kind of Russian roulette every time because you have to sell around 180,000 tickets” to achieve balance, facing a budget of 13 million euros, he confessed.

This 24th edition has seen the biggest names in music like Muse, Calogero, Joan Baez, Lionel Richie, Tom Jones, The Prodigy or London Grammar, but also promising young talents like brothers Toulouse BigFlo and Oli or frail Norwegian Aurora, rising star of experimental electro-pop.

With an astonishing maturity despite his 18 years, the young artist spotted this winter in a festival in the Nether- Bas delighted the audience, despite the rain

-. The Rolling Stones next year? –

BigFlo and Oli duo conservatory and a breath of fresh air on the French rap, far from the clichés of the genre, between sex, money, violence, drugs and alcohol, has also conquered festival, surprised himself finding himself face to so many people.

“They thought arriving on stage to have a hundred people in front of them, while the space in front of the Grail scene (the third of the four that make up the festival) was filled,” told the AFP Jerome Trehorel.

This 24th edition was also marked by the development on the site and at campsites, which hosted some 30,000 campers in four days, a paperless payment system , presented in the form of a bracelet fitted with a chip, uniquely settle its food, beverages or nights for the festival.

“The system is well suited and we are very happy” said Jean-Luc Martin, indicating that the device would be renewed in 2016.

The festival was to end Sunday night, under a bad time, with the provision of David Guetta, who during his last passage, in 2011, transformed the plain of Kerampuilh a giant dance floor.

“We will finish with a big fireworks show at the end of David Guetta, people are not current, but it will be the icing on the cake, “revealed Jerome Trehorel.

Next year anniversary year, the festival will take place on 14, 15, 16 and 17 July, with perhaps headliners like the Rolling Stones, ACDC, Coldplay, Daft Punk or Paul McCartney, names that organizers dream of displaying to their list. “It’s always the same, as long as we do not have hung we will try to run after, the idea is nothing to prohibit” assured AFP Jerome Trehorel.