Tuesday, July 14, 2015

“Ant-Man”: an ant leotard, it does not exist – The World

Paul Rudd in & quot; Ant-Man & quot ;, Peyton Reed

The opinion of the “World” – Why not

Somewhere between Spider-Man and Iron Man, there is Ant-Man. A man dressed in an atomic armor that has the ability to shrink the size of an ant, while giving it the power of a tank. New generation weapon of war, almost invulnerable because at the edge of invisibility, Ant-Man has among others the ability to communicate with the family Formicidae and directing the tribes as so many armed battalions.

Coming from the Marvel galaxy, this character has inspired his latest production done at Disney, which entrusted the scenario to a duo of Paul Rudd, discreet and sensitive actor from the Apatow galaxy, which amounts to also play Ant-Man and Adam McKay, the author of record movies of Will Ferrell. The result is not up to …


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