Wednesday, July 15, 2015

VIDEO. Love, a movie sulfur – Orléans

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The beauty of execution and of the photo. Conte down a lost love, Love is only passion and eroticism in his flashback, white melancholy and raw realism in the present. Gaspar Noé took the imperceptible, the stirrings of desire and tenderness chills, skin rolls tangled in golden lights and fever outbreaks in carmine deluges, his trademark. The rest of the clinical coldness grudge. Noah once again demonstrates that it is undoubtedly a director gloss violently intimate universe.

The –

The sex scenes and three blocks in the orgy of orgies box. Noah said he wanted to film the love like in real life. Without the usual frills of French cinema or the clichés of porn.

By placing his characters in fairly mundane situations, it is not in the everyday life of an ordinary couple, but at the margin. He loses sensuality what it gains in sulfur. Was it really necessary?

Love Gaspar Noé, with Karl Glusman, Aomi Muyock Klara Kristin … 2:14.


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