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Paris attacks: Salah Abdeslam imprisoned in France – France Soir

Salah Abdeslam sole surviving Commando of jihadist attacks that killed 130 people in France on 13 November, Wednesday transferred from Belgium to Paris, was indicted for terrorism-related murders and remanded in custody. In his first appearance at the courthouse in Paris, Salah Abdeslam assured the anti-terrorism judge who interrogated him he would “speak later” , according to his French lawyer, Frank Berton . Indicted including murder in relation to a terrorist enterprise, Abdeslam be questioned May 20 on the substance of the case, according to the lawyer.

Detained in Belgium since his arrest on 18 March Salah Abdeslam “was presented this morning to the French authorities” in execution of a European arrest warrant issued March 19, 2016 by France, had previously announced the Belgian federal prosecutor. He was transferred by air escorted the GIGN, an elite unit of the French gendarmerie. “He was remanded in custody at Fleury-Merogis” , in Essonne, the largest prison in Europe, about thirty kilometers from Paris, announced Mr. Berton.

It will be placed “in an isolated area” and supported by a “seasoned supervisors” , had previously said the Justice Minister Jean-Jacques Urvoas. Represented so far by Belgian lawyer Sven Mary Salah Abdeslam will be defended in France by Mr. Berton tenor of the Lille Bar, and another French lawyer, whose name has not been made public.

Salah Abdeslam is the only direct protagonist of the killings of 13 November to be arrested alive after the death of the nine attackers in suicide bombers like his brother Brahim or shot by the police as his childhood friend Abdelhamid Abaaoud. If it ensures, through its Belgian lawyer, he was not aware of the Brussels bombings (32 dead), committed on March 22, it is in any case linked to the three men who blew themselves that day and that there, too, a link with the attacks of November 13, the deadliest in the history of France.

age 26, born in Brussels but French national, Salah had Abdeslam was arrested on 18 March in Molenbeek, municipality of the Belgian capital where he grew up after four months on the run. Several men have been charged in Belgium for having exfiltration of Paris, after the attacks, and then hidden in Brussels. Near the Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud, investigators consider the organizers of the attacks of 13 November, Salah Abdeslam is at the heart of the logistical preparations for the killings. It was he who drove the car in which three suicide bombers blew themselves up near the Stade de France.

The result is blurred. By late evening, he parked the vehicle in the eighteenth arrondissement, evoked by the organization Islamic State (EI) in its claim and yet spared. Should he in turn conduct an attack? Ultimately, Salah Abdeslam dropped an explosive belt in Montrouge, at the other end of the capital. Controlled or identified with the protagonists in different European countries in the months before the attacks, he is also suspected of involvement, upstream, to the constitution of commandos.

During his first interrogation in Belgium he had seemed to want to minimize his role, assuring have backtracked when he was commissioned to blow at the Stade de France. With the transfer, “Justice is on the way,” said Jean Reinhart, a lawyer of some thirty families of victims.

Without expect “true collaboration”, its sister Samia Maktouf, consulting 17 victims’ families hoped “that still provides some elements to help identify recruiters and financiers of the terrorist network to which it belongs “. “This is a major actor of the attacks of 13 November, he knows a lot. He made many statements to say he wanted and was going to speak, I hope it will remain in this state of spirit “, reacted Georges Salines, president of the association” November 13: brotherhood and truth, “and whose daughter was killed in Bataclan



François Pinault will open a new art museum in Paris – Le Monde

Le Monde | • Updated | By

The businessman Francois Pinault at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice in April 2016.

Evariste Vital Luminais, immortal author of Enervés Jumiges , painting of two men lying on a raft floating on the Seine between – temporary, but renewable for 50 years – in the collection of François Pinault: the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and the businessman have announced, Wednesday, April 27, the implementation of the Pinault foundation for commerce Exchange, a circular building built in the XVIII th century rue Viarmes in the 1 st arrondissement where our painter also worked.

originally corn Exchange, it was transformed in the nineteenth th century after a fire and given to the Chamber of commerce. Three allegorical sculptures on the facade, works of Aristide Croisy represent the city of Paris, surrounded by Abundance and Trade. Anne Hildago does not make a mistake, who hopes that “This new museum, expected to open in late 2018, will contribute to the revitalization of the district of Les Halles and the international attractiveness of Paris” . We can also see frescoes depicting exchanges between the five continents: one has to Evariste Vital Luminais, therefore, America representation (with Indians, cowboys and loco Steam) to that of Georges Clairin Asia and Africa, and Hippolyte Lucas that of Europe. These decorations are historical monuments and the dome.

To the west of Les Halles

The information was leaked a few weeks ago in newspaper Les Echos, without then be confirmed nor by the City or by the entourage of François Pinault. It happened after many rumors, and an article in the newspaper Cross in 2015 that already spoke of contacts between the two parties, following the call for proposals launched in 2014 by the City for animate 23 sites in the capital. The article, which cited three other places, had attracted a denial of Jean-Jacques Aillagon, former minister of culture became adviser to François Pinault, who however confirmed the interest of his boss an implantation of Paris . an antenna to its Venetian foundation, Palazzo Grassi with his “Teatrino” and the Punta della Dogana

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The Trade Exchange, the Forum des Halles, view from the roof of Saint-Eustache church in Paris, on 27 November 2007.

So, after Customs, the trade: the building is ideally located, the west of Les Halles which construction is completed and not far from the central station of the Louvre, also being rehabilitated, also near the Louvre Museum, not far from the Pompidou Centre. For François Pinault, is essential, as he wrote justifying the abandonment of the project of Ile Seguin: “A neighborhood quality and efficient access are prerequisites to the attraction of all cultural place. I had in fact made of the urban environment of the museum one of the prerequisites to launch my project. “

Jean-Jacques Aillagon confirms: ” We considered locations in the province. In Britain in particular, but he is well aware that France is a very centralized country, and it was in Paris that focuses much of the public. We visited several sites, but he felt he had to be like in Venice: there is in the heart of the city, in the middle of the Grand Canal. In this case, the commodity exchange is the very heart: one is in the 1 st arrondissement. Below, there is the main hub of communication channels in the Paris region. “

13 000 m 2 , which 4000 m 2 of exhibition space

The place is huge, about 13,000 m 2 , which 4000 m 2 of planned exhibition space, compared to 2500 m 2 Palazzo Grassi, and 3000 m 2 of the Punta della Dogana. This will be the largest of the Pinault foundation, but the maintenance costs are high and the building requires extensive work to put to a public reception standards. The amount is estimated, for now, 100 million euros, which will be the responsibility of François Pinault .

This is probably what prompted Chamber of commerce and industry of Paris, the owner since 1949, to surrender the property to the City, which in turn rents it for fifty years and renewable, not the foundation, but the family holding. Jean-Jacques Aillagon states: “We wanted to involve his wife, his two son and daughter, so that the adventure continues beyond itself. In order to make these sustainable projects. He was born in 1936, he has a perfect desire to live, but he also knows that everything has an end. Fifty years renewable, is the right measure for two generations. Now it is a family affair. “

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Which accepted the perspective of finance foreseeable operating deficit, but also a rent. If the project is approved after deliberation by the Council of Paris, which will meet in July, it should, in good sources, be 15 million per year the first two years. Taking into account the above costs, it would then pass to a level “récognitif” much lower, which will be estimated based on the actual cost of work, plus a royalty of 6% of total turnover.

After deliberation the board of Paris, things should go very quickly, with the move of the Chamber of commerce and industry and the filing of a building permit. Jean-Jacques Aillagon estimated that “site should be able to start in January 2017″, and set a goal to finish before the end of 2018, with a first exposure to autumn of this year. “This may seem fast, but all our sites in Venice were taken at this rate” , he said.

Four architects

No less than four architects will work on the project, announced François Pinault at the press conference: “Tadao Ando, ​​universally acknowledged, that has supported all my Venetian initiatives and for that I ‘ have friendship and admiration; a chief architect of historical monuments, Pierre-Antoine Gatier, the building enjoying protection as historical monuments; two young French architects, Niney and Lucie Thibault Marca, creators of NeM agency, which I appreciated talent in Lens when I told them the realization of the residence of artists we have inaugurated in 2015; and finally the Setec group that will ensure the technical side. “

Bethenod Martin, who runs the Venetian foundations, will also assume the burden of Paris. He will, said François Pinault, “a multidisciplinary program, with many experiences at the crossroads of visual arts, music, theater, literature and film. That is why I will ensure that the building has a high quality auditorium. “ At the end of the concession, all return to the city. François Pinault, who sees far (it will be 130 years …), however, states: “The city of Paris may wish, with my heirs, continue the adventure. I like anyway vow. “

He had not escaped Bertrand Delanoë and his Deputy first time, Anne Hidalgo, that in his letter published by Le Monde where it announced its decision to abandon the Ile Seguin, Francois Pinault had hinted that Venice was only a step: “After Venice, I wish I could join other cities in Europe and I ‘ hope in France, trying to form an international network in which circulate the works, proposals, ideas, looks “ he wrote. Both had informed him that if he wanted to return to Paris, they would be at his side to think about the best possible solution. Ten years later, it’s done.

Anne Hidalgo, which all players in the folder ensure that it has demonstrated an unfailing determination, said host this project “with enthusiasm, ensured the presence in Paris of one of the largest contemporary art collections in the world contribute to the dynamism and international influence of the capital. ” fluctuat nec mergitur: like Enervés Jumiges



Raymond Depardon: “The trip saved my life” – The world of photography

His goal, listen to what the people met in the street, had to say without asking them questions, letting them talk in the privacy of the caravan, on camera. Meanwhile, Depardon photography life around with his Leica, hence the simultaneous publication of an eponymous book. He explains why he so close to his heart to photograph, film France, but his unwavering need to travel. 75 years old, it displays an intact desire to hit the road.

 - what was your original intention with this film, filming all the protagonists in a similar setting in a caravan, no questions asked they be?

I wanted to make audio snapshots, filmed and not posed. This is exactly the same approach with the decisive moment. They steal photos, you must enter, otherwise we fall into the pose. If someone submits a question, it completely directs the turn of events.
class=”autobr” When I started making films, I discovered clips, cinema verite, direct cinema. Today, all this is a bit far, but I felt it had to have a device and power constraints for some, even partially and very impressionistic way, try to shoot people and their conversations .

 - Why did you title the film Les Habitants the French and not

that’s inhabitants compared? the responsibility that we have as citizens. There is no privacy, these issues concern us. It seemed to me that medium-sized cities – neither rural nor suburban – were somewhat neglected, north to south. I did not know what their people were thinking, they were very close to events, such as Charlie Hebdo attacks ; Is it that they were concerned by globalization in different ways …

 - The peasants wore a look at a very specific socio-professional class. You seem increasingly broaden the scope of your work since 2004 in the hexagon …

As I do a lot of shuttles between the province and Paris, I try to have a rather general point of view, as I did in 2004 (note: La France de Raymond Depardon 2004-2010 ). When I started this project I was told “you kidding, it’s inphotographiable France.” In bookstores, there is nothing about France. Only pieces of France, with all the most beautiful areas as each other, always with the famous “land of contrasts” highlighted. Why not make all France? I thought he was trying to gain altitude. If I make a film and I let people express a little, I do not have that thirty or twenty, but never mind. We filmed one hundred to eighty people to select twenty-five the end. For a month, I watched the film projection – I am part of that generation that projects movies. We arrived at a kind of concentrated, as balanced as possible.

- What do we these people in France

They say a lot of things? . They say things that I do not read the editorials in the major economic daily. They tell us that the family is still a strong connection. That women have not really found their place. That stepfamilies have reached all of society: it creates a waste of time and energy it takes two apartments … It’s weird, it does not spring so much anger about globalization, about politics but rather on the daily.

 JPEG - 119.8 kb
Two of the protagonists of the film Les Habitants
© Raymond Depardon / Magnum Photos

- the sound seems to be the project’s pivot with flowery language, accents and expressions that provide information on places, social origins … what book is it complementary to the movie?

One of the features that separates my work on the photo and the cinema is listening. This is the third way, which is not necessarily mine initially. I do not do pictures when I make a film, because there is more, which is at least 50% of the work is the soundtrack, with Claudine Nougaret, who is a sound engineer and producer. I would not exist as a filmmaker if I had made the animated picture.
class=”autobr” On Les Habitants , while shooting, I missed a little bit and I saw around me, there were photo opportunities. I used a Kodak film that has the distinction of having made a Tungsten, very soft. During my project on France to the room 20 x 25, I told a French chef operator that six hours a day, six months a year, France is tungsten. She replied that it was not possible, but I told him that if, from October to March, six hours a day, we are in tungsten, it was a cold light, softer. So I loaded my Leica with this film, the same that was in the camera. I liked it well, because we were in May, June and July, it was bright, even in the north. France is very bright. And rather cheerful: we tend to think, seen from Paris, the province’s sad, that’s not the case

 - being photographer collection of interviews with Christian Caujolle, you talk about the difficulty of working in France, saying that you return every fortnight at home between 2004 and 2010 when you could spend eight straight month in Chad …

It’s harder. This is the place where we come from, where we have family, we reached more personally. The French have a strange relationship with their territory. When talking to the Americans, they always express pride in eternally photograph Rocky Mountains, while they exterminated the Indians. They would also have ten thousand reasons to feel guilty. Not at all ! They appropriate their country, even as exiles Robert Frank. You have to work on France. We do not work enough on France, all media, photographers, filmmakers, me

 JPEG - 85.2 kb
The caravan which was used where the protagonists were filmed somewhere in France …
class=”autobr” © Raymond Depardon / Magnum Photos

 - When trilogy peasants Profiles you took your subjects in photos: why not have photographed the protagonists of the Inhabitants

I had? beautiful texts on the farmers, I would not let them lose and I had photographed before, after, during. There, people came out of the caravan, they were in a hurry and there is the image rights too. It is not easy in France. I was recently with Martin Parr in London, I said, “Is what we can do photos you want in the street? “He said:” Raymond, you upset me! “. I control my entire production chain, so I watch the legends and I avoid making pictures that could impair or prejudice. But I think you need to photograph the street. For the film, we made contracts for each person, dispositions, as we did for previous projects including the courthouse (note: egregious offenses , 10th room – instants d’audience ). I also pay attention to mounting that people are not distorted.

 - The presidential election approaches: some campaign like the one where you follow Giscard in 1974 she would have a meaning today?

Yes, it would make sense. But there is too much of communicating now. Candidates will go to confront this France that I showed in The Inhabitants , which will not necessarily be there to reach out to them, but it will listen. There are plenty of people who do not come to the rallies. It must be taken into account. Making a film would be interesting. But I think it was a golden age when I turned A house party in 1974 with Giscard. I can see there how Holland behaves with cameras. He masters, he is very careful, it will control. Perhaps a young, Macron and Le Maire, while in that period, a little hesitant …

 - you have often spoken of anger as an engine: you are where with anger?

It is always a little there. It fades with age. It is rather angry or disgusted when one is young. Anger or pride peasant has always acted as a motivation in me: fear of returning to work at the farm, because I was not gifted to accomplish this farmer profession; but also to stimulate myself and improve. As this curiosity that motivated me to see what was happening elsewhere, foreigners, the English, the Americans, publications, what others are doing.
class=”autobr” Then finally provide the means, materials. I am French in an English-speaking agency (note: Raymond Depardon is a member of Magnum Photos ), I know very well the importance of this expression. What is meant by that? We must have the right equipment, we like, we tried, having the right tool depending on the subject. We can make very big movies with small cameras or vice versa, simply, do not miss a step.
Anger class=”autobr” I always. The other day I made a editing by choosing photos related to the word protest. I rediscovered full. In different jobs. I remember a beautiful title, the cover of Time Magazine : “The face of protest” (note: published in October 2014 ). I thought I also have lots of faces that express it. In 1968, for example, in Mexico, people raised their fists. Protest is a keyword. As I have quite a few years behind me, I try to find keywords to collect my pictures

 JPEG - 187.6 kb
Raymond Depardon at the meeting in Paris in April 2016.
class=”autobr” Photo: Benjamin Favier

 - How to stay neutral behind a camera or a device?

It is difficult to remain neutral as a photographer. There are times when you come across extraordinary things. I remember in 2000, I went to Chad illegally through Libya and I fell on the migrants who were on foot. I could see the silhouettes in the distance, I wondered if it was highway robbery. It was an impressive sight. I had never seen that. They seemed wise enough air. I gave them all my mineral water. They came from the Gulf of Guinea, had crossed the Sahara to rally the Libyan coast and cross the Mediterranean. It is not unscathed from a situation like that.

- you often return to places where you worked, years later, why this need

I really like it, return to the scene of the “crime.” I also want to discover new countries too, as this will generate even more feedback. I remember a Paris-Dakar; I sat on top of a dune, and I said, “You even did when Captive desert (note: feature film released in 1990 with Sandrine Bonnaire ) Raymond, it gets better. “There are big themes I advanced without necessarily turn the page. Rurality, we talked about the fact that my parents are not there, the farm is gone, I’m gone to fetch this world of my childhood still exists nevertheless, a little bit. I found this wisdom, this power, values ​​of living together, Heritage. If I had to do something with what tool? Maybe we need to find a new tool. This constraint will force me to leave on a topic that is dear to me: desert, farmer, city, Patagonia, Berlin, whatever. Never stop.

 - Left to expose himself to nostalgia, remorse, as in the hill of angels (Seuil)

This is a period that was important to me. I reached the end of something. I think the trip is always an important confrontation for the photographer. For the filmmaker, too, but this is more difficult with the road movie. There are “cream pies” that must be mastered, but are still a challenge. Go see a little misery, and pain of others. Is relativized much. I think I’m a little less stupid because I saw it, I stopped less on preconceived ideas that could save me. So, I took pictures and gathered men from my eyes.

 JPEG - 191.4 kb
Raymond Depardon at the ‘meeting in Paris in April 2016.
class=”autobr” Photo: Benjamin Favier

 - you have praised” the happy loneliness of the traveler, “but you traveling increasingly in tandem …

I prefer to travel alone. The trip saved my life. Basically, being sent in the first part of my life at the end of the world without speaking a foreign language, it forced me to manage. I even surprised sometimes to say, “Where you slept when you did this photo? “.
class=”autobr” I see the need to continue these wanderings. We must continually confront his eyes to the world. And it can be done close to home. It’s hard to photograph, rephotographing places we like, discover others. Just place an order in the streets of Tokyo. This is the perfect, nobody tells you nothing, there is no easier. And both, as there Moriyama Daido and Araki, this is not simple, as Japanese photographers are strong and long. I feel very close to them. Somehow, their goal is not so much to put their images on picture rails, but to publish books. I love traveling, it gamberge in my head, I have to.

 - Interview by Benjamin Favier

The film

 - Les Habitants
 - A film by Raymond Depardon
- Wild Bunch Distribution
- 84 min
- Released April 27, 2016

the book

- Les Habitants
 - By Raymond Depardon
 - Seuil
 - 15 x 22 cm
160 pages - > € 25


intermittent strike: the challenge sits at the Comédie-French – Le Point

The performances of Odeon Theatre, occupied since Sunday by intermittent, and the Comédie-French, invested Tuesday evening by about fifty of them were canceled amid tensions on the eve of the resumption negotiations on the unemployment insurance system Wednesday. Tuesday night, about fifty people (intermittent, students and participants in the movement standing Night) invested the Comédie-French, resulting in the cancellation of the scheduled performance, Lucrezia Borgia . Earlier, it is that of Phèdre (s) with Isabelle Huppert that had been canceled at the Odeon Theatre.

“At the initiative of several organizations and national coordination of the entertainment, a call for demonstrations Tuesday, April 26 at the Odeon and disrupt the representation of Phèdre (s) was launched, “said the management of the Odeon to justify the cancellation of the show, which is challenged intermittent. “We asked to speak before the start of the performance, but this was refused by the end of the morning,” stated Agence France-Presse intermittent, ensuring he never appealed to disrupt the performance, but simply in a rally outside the theater.

After the failure Monday night, the negotiations on the unemployment insurance scheme of the show, the Coordination of intermittent and precarious (IPC) announced Tuesday afternoon its determination to continue the occupation of the Odeon theater in Paris until the resumption of talks Wednesday. “We have an appointment tomorrow, Wednesday, at 16 hours the Ministry of Labour,” said Agence France-Presse Denis Gravouil, secretary general of the CGT federation Show. “We want to reach a balanced agreement. Requires that employers take their share of responsibility, “he commented.

New negotiations fail

Since Sunday night, about fifty students, the unemployed, intermittent, precarious and “night-of-enders” occupy the Odeon terrace on the first floor of the theater. Intermittent gathered in the square opposite the theater were removed by riot police on Monday night in the adjacent streets, the price of a few skirmishes and tear gas jets by the police. “While deploring the incidents of the previous evening, Stéphane Braunschweig, director of the Odeon, can not accept that a show can be played under the protection of the security forces,” argued the management. The Odeon theater “trusts the current negotiations (….) and hopes that it will quickly come to an agreement to ensure specific unemployment insurance scheme for artists and intermittent entertainment technicians.”

Monday, negotiations were unsuccessful, but a new appointment was set Wednesday eve of a national day of action against the draft law reforming the labor law. “The account is not there yet, especially on the possible effects of a possible agreement and also on the contribution of employers,” according to the CGT-show, after a marathon day at the Labour Ministry. “We still need two things to reach an agreement. First quantified elements that allow us to know who is affected by this or that measure, positively or negatively, “he added. If new negotiations fail, the CGT has filed a notice of indefinite strike, beginning Thursday.

The performers and technicians receive specific compensation rules unemployment, repeatedly criticized to their cost. The deficit of the regime reached about one billion euros annually, or about a quarter of the overall deficit. A financial framework proposed March 24 by the employer and signed by CFDT, CFTC and CFE-CGC (minority unions in the show), requires a global effort of 185 million euros in savings for the full year ’2018 to intermittent, but suggested that the state compensates part, up to 80 million. The conditions considered “unacceptable” by the CGT and the Coordination of intermittent and precarious, which pose threat to disrupt the upcoming festivals.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

After the Odeon, intermittent occupy the Comédie-French – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Fifty protesters broke into Tuesday night inside the theater, causing the cancellation of the representation of Lucrezia Borgia . Earlier in the day, the Odeon, occupied since Sunday, announced the cancellation of Phèdre (s).

“because of a social movement, we must cancel the representation of 26 April 2016. we apologize for this incident.” on Tuesday night, the French Comedie was forced to cancel a performance of Lucretius Borgia, under pressure from a group of about fifty protesters broke into the grounds of the theater. The security forces blocked the entrances.

This is the second Parisian theater that cancels a show on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, after thinking keep the show Phèdre (s) at the Odeon theater with Isabelle Huppert, the director Stéphane Braunschweig, finally announced the cancellation of the performance. A decision by “concern for public safety and artists,” less than 24 hours after the incidents that took place between the intermittent and police on Monday night.

In Strasbourg, intermittent decided in the evening to occupy the National Theatre (TNS). “This is an occupation, not a blockage,” said an actress present on site, adding that the protesters had nothing disturbed the two pieces that were played Tuesday to TNS. Thirty people were about to symbolically pass the night there.

These disturbances occur on the eve of the resumption of talks Wednesday at the Ministry of Labour to find an agreement on the special scheme of unemployment insurance for the entertainment. “We are sitting on a time bomb,” says Samuel Churin, actor and member of the Coordination of intermittent and precarious Île-de-France (CIP).

Performing Professionals are ready to go even further and take action around cultural events planned this summer, as the Festivals of Cannes and Avignon. “Nothing is excluded, says the Le Figaro Eric Aubin, a member of the CGT. The threat around the festivals is a reality. “A maneuver that does not share its counterpart in the CIP. Samuel Churin intends to “put pressure now to avoid disturbing events of this summer” and reproduce the patterns 2003 and 2014. At the time, a massive strike had infected the performances of the Avignon Festival, the Spring Comedians in Montpellier and the Rio Loco Festival in Toulouse.

(with AFP)


Intermittent: Odeon backtracks and cancels Phaedra (s) – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Less than 24 hours after the brawls that pitted police and protesters outside the Paris theater, the director Stéphane Braunschweig announced the cancellation of representation Tuesday, April 26, “for the sake of safety of the public and artists. “

on Tuesday, after thinking keep the show Phèdre (s) theater Odéon with Isabelle Huppert, Stéphane Braunschweig has finally announced the cancellation of the performance.

The director said, while deploring Monday’s incident between intermittent and police, it “can not accept that a show can only be played under the protection of security forces . In his great regret, and for reasons of public safety and artists, so he took the decision to cancel the performance. “

Since the arrival of the demonstrators Sunday night in the premises of Odeon, the manager of the theater has an ongoing dialogue with the occupiers. It has made available a rehearsal room that adjoins the terrace. He discusses with them their claims, as occupation of theater. As long as they are there, the threat of hostage representations remains in the walls. Moreover, the director of the Odeon was received Tuesday afternoon by the Minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay.

On Sunday, they were about thirty people who left the Republic Square – intermittent, students but also members of the movement of Night Stand – to get to the Odeon theater, just after the performance of Phèdre (s) directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski. On the evening of Monday to Tuesday, the protesters who occupied the front of the establishment were violently expelled by the security forces, with great bursts of tear gas. This week is decisive for the entertainment, while an agreement must be reached on their unemployment insurance program and the resumption of negotiations on Wednesday 27 April to the Labour Ministry. To put pressure on the discussion, the demonstrators also demanded the withdrawal of the El Khomri bill, decided to invest several cultural institutions, like the drama centers Toulouse, Bordeaux and Montpellier.

The release of forcibly Monday night has only fueled the anger of intermittent, already somewhat optimistic about the outcome of negotiations. “We are sitting on a time bomb,” says Samuel Churin. Today, entertainers are willing to go further and take action around cultural events planned this summer, as the Festivals of Cannes and Avignon. “Nothing is ruled out today says the Le Figaro Eric Aubin, a member of the CGT. The threat around the festivals is a reality. “A maneuver that does not share its counterpart in the CIP. Samuel Churin intends to “put pressure now to avoid disturbing events of this summer” and reproduce the patterns 2003 and 2014. At the time, a massive strike had infected the performances of the Avignon Festival, the Spring Comedians in Montpellier and the Rio Loco Festival in Toulouse.