Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Michel Polnareff “Closer to John Lennon that Renaud” – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The author of The doll is not was the guest of the morning Europe 1 on Tuesday morning, 26 April. Without jargon, he again attacked Renaud, before justifying the delay of his album and ensure its participation in Podium 2 .

Michel Polnareff like outspoken. He once again proved this morning on the radio Europe 1 where he answered without stonewalling questions of the presenter Thomas Sotto.

The comparison with Renaud? “For me, Renault is a jalopy,” he replies bluntly. And his album is coming soon? Once again, the answer fuse: “Perfection takes time.” Definitely, Michel Polnareff will not move one iota

The corresponding author. “I hope to be unique in my style.” composer wants to look like anyone else. And especially not to Renaud. “I feel closer to John Lennon or Bob Dylan,” believes that comparing the interpreter of Mistral Winner to “a car.” A picnic that should appeal to “sailors” of the Admiral.

fans, however, are impatient to listen to one day next album artist with blond curls. Twenty-six long years to wait … “I share this expectation with my audience,” he wishes to clarify, before explaining the reason for this long absence.

“Some must think I do not care about them. But precisely if the album has been delayed is that I do not give a damn about them. It must be absolutely perfect. And perfection, it takes time, “explains Michel Polnareff, without offering more details about an upcoming release date.

However, the singer of 71 years has ensured its future presence in Podium 2 , directed by Yann Moix. “This is completely expected.” While it is unclear what will it, it is not question of “separate from Jean-Paul Rouve (his double in Podium ), which sublime “

Michel Polnareff not also full of praise for the actor.” that’s what I like about the talented artists such as Jean-Paul Rouve, c ‘ is being able to step into the shoes of someone else, as in life, it is not like me at all. “Because Michel Polnareff is unique …


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