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“Man of Steel”: 5 things you did not know (perhaps) not on Henry Cavill – MetroNews

At school he was nicknamed “the big Cavill” It
beautiful dream of having a physical today, Henry Cavill has not always been a sex symbol. Born in 1983 on the island of Jersey, Henry Cavill has long been the laughing stock of his classmates because of his overweight. “They called me ‘the big Cavill’, told the actor to Gala . But I feel no rancor. children can be very cruel to each other. And it helped me to take my hand. ”

His mentor is Russell Crowe
At 16, Henry Cavill was an extra on the Exchange , the film worn by Russell Crowe, and one of the scenes tour of his school. He then participated in the star of his dream of becoming an actor. Crowe retorted that the path is difficult but encouraged him to pursue his desire. It makes him even deliver small packages containing gifts with a note “Dear Henry, a journey of 1000 km begins with a single step”. Ironically, the two actors met on the set of Man of Steel in which Russell Crowe plays his father.

It was the shame of his life on the set of Tudors
‘s career took off Henry Cavill truly in 2007 with the Showtime TV series the Tudors in which he plays the Duke of Suffolk, brother of the king. He has also been a great moment of solitude on the set of the fiction as he told Men’s Fitness . The comedian had an erection for quite a torrid scene: “It was very embarrassing,” recalled Cavill who wanted to apologize to his partner.

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He was elected “the most unlucky man in Hollywood”
Before playing superheroes in Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman (currently on screens), Henry Cavill has struggled a lot. It connects the castings for Batman Begins, Superman Returns and Casino Royale , but each time the main role little escapes him (he successively overtaken by Christian Bale, Brandon Routh and Daniel Craig). The magazine Empire then nicknamed “the most unlucky man in Hollywood”.

dream of playing James Bond
now become an actor “bankable”, Henry Cavill would love to slip into the shoes of James Bond. “I’m very busy now with Superman, but there is a place in my agenda and they want me for the role, it would be great. I’d love to do,” confessed the actor on the BBC. But according to the British site Mirror , the producers of the series have set their sights on Aidan Turner to succeed Daniel Craig. Another role that will pass under his nose

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