Monday, April 25, 2016

Paris, April 26, 2016 – Intermittent: no agreement on unemployment insurance, resumption of talks Wednesday – L’Express

The account is not there yet, especially on the possible effects of a possible agreement and also on the contribution of employers ,” he told AFP on the night of Monday to Tuesday, Denis Gravouil, secretary general of the CGT Spectacle (majority), after a marathon day of negotiations at the Ministry of Labour.

We still need two things to reach an agreement. First quantified elements that allow us to know who is affected by this or that measure, positively or negatively “, he added.

For employers, they say they are willing to put € 31 million of new contributions on the table but half that will not be until January 2018 “he lamented.

The negotiations must resume on Wednesday from 16.00, still the Ministry of Labour, on the eve of the day of action throughout France against the proposed labor law.

The day Monday should be a deadline for reaching agreement on compensation intermittent regime, a system regularly criticized for its cost.

If the negotiations fail, the CGT has filed a notice of indefinite strike, beginning Thursday.

– Disturbances at the Odeon ‘-

The performers and technicians benefit from specific rules for unemployment compensation. The deficit of the scheme has increased significantly since the 1980s, the number of beneficiaries rose sharply. It reaches about one billion euros annually, or about a quarter of the overall deficit.

A financial framework proposed March 24 by the employer and signed by CFDT, CFTC and CFE-CGC (minority unions in the show) requires a global effort of 185 million euros of savings in full-year 2018 to intermittent, but suggested that the state compensates part, up to 80 million.

conditions considered “ unacceptable ” by the CGT and the Coordination of Intermittent and precarious (CIP).

Both fear that the participation of the state opens the way for a “ independent fund ,” which would come out intermittent interprofessional solidarity. The risk would be considerable disengagement of the State during a political alternation.

On the move Monday in the Drôme and Ardèche, the Minister of Culture, Audrey Azoulay, said “ understand this mobilization .” “ You have to wait the outcome of negotiations “, she added.

Meeting Monday night Place de l’Odeon in Paris, intermittent put pressure on negotiations, threatening to disrupt the performances of the Odeon after being removed from the Theatre Square by security forces order.

They are also the threat of disruptions in the upcoming festivals.

Given the welcome given us by the police, the demonstrators called back on Tuesday to block the representation to be held here, and the following days “, told AFP a representative of the CIP.

The theater was released Monday and the school management had indicated earlier in the day to AFP that “ Phèdre (s) “, with Isabelle Huppert, currently to the poster, was “ normally scheduled Tuesday .”

At the AGM, we redid an application to fit into the theater. The demonstrators advanced, the response was violence ,” said the representative of the CIP. “ But protesters are still there outside the square and we were still occupying the theater .”

A few dozen are intermittent in the compound of the Odeon since Sunday night.


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