Saturday, April 16, 2016

The James Bond saga exposes in Paris – France Info

Costumes, sets, scenarios: the exhibition “50 years of Bond style” back on 50 years of literary and cinematic saga of James Bond, the famous British spy.

You dream to learn all about the most famous secret agents? Then go to the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris for the exhibition 50 years of Bond style. This is the first exhibition in France devoted to 007, designed by British writer Ian Flemming.

In order to plunge deeply, count minimum two hours, he must walk down a dark dédalle parts, the subdued atmosphere. Red velvet floor, large screens on the walls on which are broadcast film clips, a few speakers to remind the inevitable air of cult films of the saga, there really is not to say there is , the first film of James Bond in 1962 in spectrum now.

The James Bond saga exposed at La Villette in Paris, the story of Rebecca Gil

Costumes, cars, accessories 600 objects of the saga Bond see

each room his film, its atmosphere, its time. But LA piece not to be missed is that of Casino Royale . In the center of the poker table used in the legendary scene from the movie: all players are gathered around as costumed mannequins.
Clothes of James Bond and his girls in Spectrum film

James Bond’s suits and his girls in the Film spectrum © Radio France / Rebecca Gil

But we do not find that the costumes of James Bond, there is also the dresses of girls: red, green, gold, velvet, silk sheath, low-cut, an impressive myriad of colors, shapes, materials. But what is most striking, are the objects, enough to delight purists who find themselves in what will surely be their favorite room, the famous section Q. equipped briefcase You can admire a retractable knife in sight from Russia with Love in 1963, the original golden gun Scaramanga or the bowler to the steel edges of Oddjob.

The game table in the film Casino Royale

The table games in Casino Royale © Radio France / Rebecca Gil


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