Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Roll youth in opening the Printemps de Bourges – Le Parisien

Mika, with his 32 years and his four studio albums, is almost the former in a festival that, if he will celebrate worthily Wednesday night his four decades of rock service, and pop electro, because of the “emergence” its purpose since its first edition in 1977. It is
the Marseillaise Marina Kaye, vocal phenomenon of 18, he returned to give kick off six days of music on the main stage of Spring (6000 seats).
Were to follow the sparkling trio LEJ, a name formed from the initials of Lucia, Elisa and Juliet. These three childhood friends of St. Denis lived for a few months a real fairy tale, thanks to the success of their covers of international hits on the internet with their three voices supported by a cello. A success that they now have confirmation on stage.
Grand Blanc, Flavien Berger Brawl or Hi it’s cool to be on a separate stage Tuesday night, are probably names less known to the public but their reputation is also growing rapidly in recent months.
as confident as openness to these turbulent young and innovative, combining without complex guitars and computers, reconciling several musical styles and tweaking the French language, the Printemps de Bourges reaffirms its role as a springboard for the time to blow his 40 candles.
Born in 1977, the festival will mark this anniversary Wednesday evening during a special creation with a host of guests including Bernard Lavilliers, who attended the first edition, but Jane Birkin, Dominique a Jeanne Cherhal, Miossec, Ibrahim Maalouf, Great Sophia, JoeyStarr, Izia, Alex Beaupain and Christian Olivier.
– Several complete concerts –
Fearing above all a “backward-looking or pompous ceremony,” the organizers wanted a “festive” evening will be punctuated by the festival of words, and under the care of a humorist music fan, Vincent Dedienne.
This evening, as ten of this 40th edition concerts, sold out even before the start of the spring.
If organizers could feed some fears in terms of attendance five months after the attacks of paris, the activity of the ticket quickly reassured them: “It has been almost four weeks ahead of last year at the locations, people want to get out,” said Boris Vedel, who succeeded the summer last in the direction of Daniel Colling, co-founder of the event and this year remained in the management team to ensure the handover.
security measures have been tightened, with “dual control” and palpation systematic at the entrance of the rooms. Bourges welcomes over 200,000 people in six days accumulated by counting the invitations and free stages in the city, according to organizers.
Culture Minister Audrey Azoulay, in office since February, must come Wednesday night.
> Echoing the news, an exhibition called “an air of freedom” will bring together album covers, books or songs about freedom, Léo Ferré Patti Smith through Bob Dylan or Nelson Mandela. conference-debate will also be held to discuss the censorship or the importance of culture in the presence of artists like Mathias Malzieu or Emily Loizeau.
on stage Tuesday night, some of the young artists will also be -being a thought for Juliette Greco who, because of his health concerns, announced Monday the suspension until the autumn of his farewell tour began in Bourges there just a year.


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