Wednesday, April 27, 2016

intermittent strike: the challenge sits at the Comédie-French – Le Point

The performances of Odeon Theatre, occupied since Sunday by intermittent, and the Comédie-French, invested Tuesday evening by about fifty of them were canceled amid tensions on the eve of the resumption negotiations on the unemployment insurance system Wednesday. Tuesday night, about fifty people (intermittent, students and participants in the movement standing Night) invested the Comédie-French, resulting in the cancellation of the scheduled performance, Lucrezia Borgia . Earlier, it is that of Phèdre (s) with Isabelle Huppert that had been canceled at the Odeon Theatre.

“At the initiative of several organizations and national coordination of the entertainment, a call for demonstrations Tuesday, April 26 at the Odeon and disrupt the representation of Phèdre (s) was launched, “said the management of the Odeon to justify the cancellation of the show, which is challenged intermittent. “We asked to speak before the start of the performance, but this was refused by the end of the morning,” stated Agence France-Presse intermittent, ensuring he never appealed to disrupt the performance, but simply in a rally outside the theater.

After the failure Monday night, the negotiations on the unemployment insurance scheme of the show, the Coordination of intermittent and precarious (IPC) announced Tuesday afternoon its determination to continue the occupation of the Odeon theater in Paris until the resumption of talks Wednesday. “We have an appointment tomorrow, Wednesday, at 16 hours the Ministry of Labour,” said Agence France-Presse Denis Gravouil, secretary general of the CGT federation Show. “We want to reach a balanced agreement. Requires that employers take their share of responsibility, “he commented.

New negotiations fail

Since Sunday night, about fifty students, the unemployed, intermittent, precarious and “night-of-enders” occupy the Odeon terrace on the first floor of the theater. Intermittent gathered in the square opposite the theater were removed by riot police on Monday night in the adjacent streets, the price of a few skirmishes and tear gas jets by the police. “While deploring the incidents of the previous evening, Stéphane Braunschweig, director of the Odeon, can not accept that a show can be played under the protection of the security forces,” argued the management. The Odeon theater “trusts the current negotiations (….) and hopes that it will quickly come to an agreement to ensure specific unemployment insurance scheme for artists and intermittent entertainment technicians.”

Monday, negotiations were unsuccessful, but a new appointment was set Wednesday eve of a national day of action against the draft law reforming the labor law. “The account is not there yet, especially on the possible effects of a possible agreement and also on the contribution of employers,” according to the CGT-show, after a marathon day at the Labour Ministry. “We still need two things to reach an agreement. First quantified elements that allow us to know who is affected by this or that measure, positively or negatively, “he added. If new negotiations fail, the CGT has filed a notice of indefinite strike, beginning Thursday.

The performers and technicians receive specific compensation rules unemployment, repeatedly criticized to their cost. The deficit of the regime reached about one billion euros annually, or about a quarter of the overall deficit. A financial framework proposed March 24 by the employer and signed by CFDT, CFTC and CFE-CGC (minority unions in the show), requires a global effort of 185 million euros in savings for the full year ’2018 to intermittent, but suggested that the state compensates part, up to 80 million. The conditions considered “unacceptable” by the CGT and the Coordination of intermittent and precarious, which pose threat to disrupt the upcoming festivals.


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