Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Caravaggio estimated at 120 million euros found? – Point

This is a leak that could pay big dividends. worrying about dripping droplets on their ceiling, Toulouse owners go up to the attic to find the origin. During their search, they put their hands on a table. This is a biblical scene: Judith Beheading Holofernes. The canvas could be the work of Caravaggio, one of the greatest Italian painters of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century. And first estimates on the value of the table could make happy owners: 120 million. “This particular light, this energy typical of Caravaggio, without corrections, with a steady hand, and pictorial materials, make this painting is genuine. “

Caravaggio painted a first Judith and Holofernes , exhibited at Palazzo Barberini. But he painted a second – which is mentioned in several letters at the time – between 1600 and 1610 that would have landed in Toulouse with an officer in Napoleon’s army, one of the ancestors of the current owners. Most experts believe that this table might be the work of the author of The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist . “This particular light, this energy typical of Caravaggio, without corrections, with a steady hand, and pictorial materials make this picture is authentic,” said at a press conference the expert Eric Turquin. On this table found in the Toulouse region, “there will be more controversial than expertise,” added the expert, however.

The Louvre interested

For State, the case is serious. On 25 March, on the recommendation of the Louvre, the Minister of Culture has classified “National Treasure,” which prohibits its export for thirty months. This decision shows the extreme interest in the work by Sébastien Allard, director of the department of paintings. The table is now subject to numerous detailed analyzes to prove the authenticity of the painting. The French State therefore has 30 months to buy this treasure. The Louvre would be interested, but would seek patrons, according to Europe 1. After two and a half years, if no offer is submitted, it will be sold worldwide. One thing is certain, if the painting is the work of Caravaggio, home owners will be thrilled. And will bless this water leak.


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