Saturday, April 16, 2016

Expo James Bond: 007 500 original objects – Le Point

Fans of the most famous secret agent in film history will be able to give heart to joy. James Bond is indeed the subject of a great retrospective at the Grande Halle de la Villette. The exhibition features more than 500 original objects: costumes, gadgets, decoration tips. The Ursula Andress bikini Dr No (1962) holster leather suit and Yves Saint Laurent Naomie Harris / Moneypenny Spectrum (2015). Through the pistol gold Christopher Lee (1974), white tuxedo Roger Moore and metal teeth of Richard Kiel, aka Shark The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). Or tubes of explosive toothpaste, packets of cigarettes detonators, the flamethrower bagpipes and poisoned punches shoes invented by Q in the 1960s but presented to 007 during the visit of his “amateur practice” in Die another day (2002) …

Exposed as relics, encased in glass displays, these “religious trinkets james” embody one of the most powerful myths seventh Art. A person born in the imagination of Ian Fleming in 1953, but transfigured, eight years later, with historical producers of 007 cinema: Albert Broccoli and Harry Satzman. This is also from the archives of their company (EON productions) that this “review” encyclopedic (and fetish stranded confess it) was conceived.

An impressive collection

the role of the designer, Ken Adam, who died on March 10, appears as decisive. It was he who, after having worked with Jacques Tourneur and Robert Aldrich, will give the MI6 officer of both the class and glamor, when the first installment in the series shot by Terence Young in 1962. “The the most spectacular scenery is him, “said Laurent Perriot, film historian and probably one of the best connoisseurs of James Bond in France.

Rich collection certainly is. “James Bond producers have kept virtually all” , demonstrates Bronwyn Cosgrave, the exhibition commissioner created by the Barbican Centre in London in 2012 to mark 50 years of the hero. This retrospective has since traveled around the world, stopping in Toronto, Shanghai, Melbourne, Madrid and Mexico City.

We find in Paris, besides the technological accessories of the secret agent, part of her impressive wardrobe. But not hurt vehicles. Fans of big guns will welcome back one of the copies of the Aston Martin DB 5 which conveys the hero from the beginning. But the newer model (DB10 which has superseded in later episodes) and the model of the Lotus Esprit L ‘Spy Who Loved Me . Or the BMW R1200, with whom Bond jumps from a helicopter in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).

This exhibition, carefully set design pays homage to cinema yesteryear where special effects were all designed on digital tablet. But in a makeshift mess with wonderful loft-like

James Bond 007 at the Grande Halle de la Villette from 16 April to 4 September 2016. Address: 211, avenue Jean- Jaures, 75019 Paris. Hours: 10 am 30-19 hours every day. Prices: 22 € normal price 17 € Child rate 70 € family price



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