Monday, April 11, 2016

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore he will be in the film? – Le Figaro

VIDEO – A new trailer of the first spin-off of the saga of Harry Potter was unveiled at the MTV Movie Awards. This video over two minutes casts doubt on the presence of the famous future director of Hogwarts.

The new trailer for fantastic Beasts begins in a New York station in 1926 a young man in dark blue coat, bow tie and brown leather shoes waiting alone on his bench. Until then, nothing abnormal. But as a voice announces, “appearances are deceptive.” Its banal brown leather suitcase home actually very strange beasts, which we perceive only the grunts and intriguing hooked claws. Because the young man played by Eddie Redmayne is none other than Norbert dragonet (Newt Scamander VO), very minor character in the saga of H arry Potter that appears portrait in the office of the headmaster of Hogwarts.

This first spin-off that will be released on November 16 described the world of magicians before the birth of the hero glasses. It is based on a script written by JK Rowling, from his book Fantastic Beasts published in 2001. Norbert dragonet, the future author of the book Life and habitat fantastic animals, returned from a world tour to gather information on all kinds of fantastic animals. His stopover turns to disaster when some creatures escaped from his suitcase, causing damage in their wake.

The references to the British school of Hogwarts are scattered. Norbert dragonet was dismissed from the school of magic for “possession of dangerous animal”, despite the opposition of one of its professors with the evocative name, Albus Dumbledore. The powerful wizard he will intervene in the movie? This is the main issue in the video, rather stingy information about the scenario.

When the customs checks the mysterious suitcase Norbert dragonet, he discovers that a pajama, a magnifying glass, a compass and business wisely arranged. Volatilization of the trapped beast announcement that witchcraft permeate this first installment of the new trilogy. The flood of special effects that followed and the last scene where the young man disappears into a bottomless bag under the petrified eyes of his neighbor’s room, confirm it.

This mixture of magic and humor so clean to the fantastic world of J. K. Rowling does seem to go in this first installment of the new trilogy, signed by David Yates. The director, who has already made the last four franchise film Harry Potter , was here brilliantly applied the glitter and evening gowns US Roaring Twenties.

Along with Eddy Redmayne Oscar winner for her role in The Theory of Everything include Katherine Waterston ( Inherent Vice , Steve Jobs ), for which capsize the heart of the young man. Absent from the first trailer, the long awaited Collin Farrell finally appears. It seems covet the mysterious beast transported by dragonet, but its presence in the trailer is not only sums up this intriguing statement: “No human could do what this thing is capable of.”


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