Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fortnight of the 2016 directors decrypted – Cinema

The whole selection Fortnight

Are there a lot of difference between what you want and the final selection? Our
wishes are fulfilled. We open with Sweet Dreams of the great director Marco Bellocchio. It passed through Thierry nets, while this is one of his finest films. Unusually sentimental, it deals with the absence of the mother. We fought for it. It also marks the return of Italian cinema Fortnight, with no less than three transalpine films. We also Poesia sin fin , Jodorowsky in every way faithful to The Dance of Reality , which is the result. And closing the delirious Dog eat dog Paul Schrader, adapted from the novel by Edward Bunker, with interpreters reassembled like pendulums.

The French selection?
It is the result purely of our choice. We ignored the names retaining only the movies. The lives of Therese , Sébastien Lifschitz, is a 55-minute documentary on the radical feminism of the 70s that made cry all who saw it. Tour de France , Rachid Djaïdani, which everyone has forgotten Rengaine , returns with Gerard Depardieu, and that’s enough. The aquatic effect Solveig Anspach is a gem. Besides the first two films, including My zucchini life by Claude Barras, a feature very cruel movie from a screenplay by Céline Sciamma.

Any surprises?
These are the movies is not expected, those who seem small but are huge. Mean dreams is a Canadian thriller with Bill Paxton, wicked in great. Raman Psycho marks the return of Anurag Kashyap who found the hand after his Hollywood parenthesis Mumbai with this very black and very baroque themed evil twin. We should also count Neruda Pablo Larrain, or The economy of the couple Joachim Lafosse, which was allowed to tear each other apart and Berenice Béjo Cédric Khan, also a sacred actor.

Interview by Gérard Delorme

Cannes 2016: official selection


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