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Jason Bourne: Matt Damon returns as boss of the action in the trailer – Screenrush

The trailer of “Jason Bourne” has just been unveiled, announcing a muscular action movie carried by a Matt Damon more intense than ever before the camera virtuoso Paul Greengrass.

It is well and truly back. After an electrifying teaser, the trailer of this fourth opus (with the exception of the film with Jeremy Renner) announces a resounding comeback of Jason Bourne agent. And immediately, the physics Matt Damon surprises. Emaciated, black eyes, muscular, the actor manages to translate the course of his character on his face and body. A performance … Director Paul Greengrass tells us more about this return more than expected. In full postproduction of the film, he agreed to answer our questions.

Screenrush: You are in London, working on Jason Bourne . Where are you in the production

Paul Greengrass : I’d rather be in Paris, like you! But we are in the assembly. Besides, I’m calling the editing studio where we literally working night and day.

Why go back to Jason Bourne, who seemed you moved on?

I did not think I was going to get back. But in the end, Matt Damon , which is above all a friend, I said, “Why not do one more?”. Much has been spoken. I was skeptical, I really could not see what justified a new film. And then he told me that we had a lot of chance to have an audience that loves this character and the world in which it operates. Matt convinced me by making me understand that there was nothing wrong with having an audience and we were lucky to have one. So, I gave in: I thought it was a real argument. So I contacted my colleague Christopher Rouse, which goes all my films. We met to set the direction to take. He had apparently already given it some thought, when we saw each other. But it was immediately said that if we could find no idea it would do nothing. Eventually we found it!

Why this title, Jason Bourne, while previous followed a different logic?

Honestly, at the base, it was the idea of ​​the studios. But I liked him! many titles we tried to summarize what we were trying to do, without finding that sounds really new. What worked with this title – from my perspective – is that it referred the audience to the original experience of Jason Bourne, retaining only the essence of the first three films. The simply call Jason Bourne, it sets the tone: it is the gross product! I like, it’s a good title, I think.

Still working with Matt Damon. What do you like so much about him?

It’s a great actor and he’s a friend. We are linked and we love working together. We also share a vision of the world and we’re both big hard workers. I believe that together we have fun, period.

You can tell us more about the role of Vincent Cassel?

I ‘ Vincent and love I saw in many film. I discovered in La Haine, there is a long time. I wanted the enemy of Jason Bourne has a lot of pace, while sharing the complexity of the hero. I always thought of him for this role and, luckily, it was all packaged suite. I can not say anything specific about his role without revealing the plot. But it is a character who thinks that Jason Bourne has wronged him. He thinks he is a collateral victim of the actions of the agent Bourne. It means a lot in this movie.

And the roles that newcomers Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones?

Alicia, I l ‘had worshiped in Ex Machina and The Danish Girl. It is really above the lot. She plays a character CIA stalking Jason Bourne and his report to the hero becomes complicated with the deployment of the plot. This is a great addition to the Jason Bourne universe. I am very happy with his performance. As for Tommy Lee Jones is a legend. I always wanted to work with him. The tradition in the franchise, wants us always includes a great figure as Brian Cox and Chris Cooper in the previous films. We wondered where to turn to continue in this line, and Tommy Lee Jones is the first name that came to mind. I am delighted that he said yes.

Have you finished with Jason Bourne now?

Who knows? For the moment, yes, I need to move on. And I need a vacation.

We thought you work on a new adaptation of the famous novel by George Orwell, 1984. It is still valid?

absolutely, although I do not know exactly when it will happen. First, I really have to finish with Jason Bourne, then I go for a ride in your country that I love, to relax a little.


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