Tuesday, April 12, 2016

VIDEO. Toulouse: the painting discovered in an attic would be a Caravaggio – Le Parisien

Last month, the Ministry of Culture banned the output chart of the territory pending expertise. According to the expert for the review, it is so much an original. Its value is estimated at 120 million euros. The state has 30 months to acquire. After which it will be sold worldwide.

“This particular light, this energy typical of Caravaggio, without corrections, with a steady hand, and pictorial materials, make this painting is genuine “said Eric Turquin in Paris on Tuesday to the press. “You see, that’s actually a brush stroke, he had previously detailed in a report by France 2. A copyist or medium artist, he can not do that. And how the artist made the nails, for example, with just a tiny touch of white, it has not corrected, he did not return it. Here is a master is someone who has an authority that does not return to what he did. “

” The painting was discovered by homeowners the Toulouse region in April 2014, opening a sub-slope to control a leak, “said the firm had expertise. The table was then passed through the study of an auctioneer Toulouse, who appealed to Turquin firm as expert. Once cleaned, the work proved to be of great quality. The table was also X-rayed to be dated.

An order of the Minister of Culture, published March 31 in the Official Journal, “refused the export certificate required for a painting possibly attributed to Michelangelo Merisi, told Caravaggio . ” According to the Ministry, the painting deserves “to be retained in the territory as a very important milestone of Caravaggio, whose career and allocation remain to deepen.”

The existence of the table was known “by a vintage copy attributed to Louis Finson” contemporary Flemish painter Caravaggio. It “shows Judith great biblical heroine, widow of the city of Bethulia, who agreed to join his tent Holofernes, general of Nebuchadnezzar, who besieged the city,” the Turquin cabinet. The scene shows the beheading of it

If he says that it is an original Caravaggio, the expert warns, however: on this table, “there will be more controversy that expertise. ” Eric Turquin has yet received significant support: the opinion of Nicola Spinoza, former director of the Museum of Naples, one of the leading specialists of Caravaggio. “We must recognize the canvas in question a true original Lombard master, almost certainly identifiable, even if we have no tangible and irrefutable evidence,” says Spinoza in his account of expertise.

A source close to the case however states: “Experts are still divided on the attribution of this work to Caravaggio”
 “Serious people attribute this table Finson (note: Louis Finson, Flemish painter (1580-1617), a disciple of Caravaggio),” acknowledges the expert Eric Turquin who expressed his personal conviction to authenticate the work.

According to the Daily Art, “an expert on Caravaggio, Mina Gregori, said about the table found that this is not an original Caravaggio, but recognizes quality in return undeniably the work. “

” This is an important work, whether Caravaggio or another painter, recalls are we to sources close to the dossier. Caravaggio is a problematic artist to be awarded. There is no signature. There was a lot of copies. The history of art is not an exact science. Assigning a picture to a painter is done on a body of evidence. This can take years and you can never find the answer. “

VIDEO. The attic probably concealed a treasure: a painting by Caravaggio

Toulouse: they discover a canvas to 120 million euros by storing their attic


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