Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kamel Daoud, a journalist of the year – Release

Kamel Daoud received last Thursday the Jean-Luc Lagardère prices journalist of the year for his columns published in Point and the Quotidien d’Oran. paradox: Algerian writer was honored even as it announced its withdrawal from journalism. Affected by the bitter controversies that followed the publication of his analysis of the events of New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Kamel Daoud now prefers consarer entirely to literature. Translated in many countries, his novel Meursault Counter Survey has won several awards after missing “in a voice the Prix Goncourt.

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in fact, the jury had met before the outbreak of the controversy and Daoud discovered the same day the price of journalism and violent gallery of a group of academics who likened it to an Islamophobic to have challenged the report of the Muslim world to sexuality. Daoud hosted its reward with a moved tone: “I was tried, convicted, on the day I was greeted supported (…) But the Francophonie is doing better than the cacophony” did he smiled before adding, “french is not my mother tongue but it can be a fraternal language.” In presenting the award, Denis Olivennes, president of Lagardère Active, paid tribute to Daoud: “It is the courage of the journalist who is rewarded now in . line with these great journalists writers like Albert Camus and François Mauriac “

Guests at the ceremony, Prime Minister Manuel Valls hailed ” a courageous and rebellious intellectual ‘ ” I am in a dilemma, has he said, supporting you is put you in trouble. Yet I will not leave you alone (…) The freedom of information, the right to irreverence and blasphemy, a fundamental principle that France will always defend. “ Awarded by a panel of 17 journalists, the prize is worth 10,000 euros. He was awarded in 2015 to the drafting of Charlie Hebo .



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