Saturday, April 9, 2016

Game of Thrones: the synopsis of the first episode of season 6 unveiled! – TV Star

You wait for almost a year, season 6 Game of Thrones will not back soon! HBO has unveiled the title and synopsis of the first episode of the series. A short synopsis, which unfortunately does not really learn much …

Jon Snow died. Daenerys encounter strong. Cersei man reviewing his daughter again . ” That is what will have to make fans of the series before the release of the first episode on April 24th. But the suspense remains intact around Jon Snow! Indeed, the show presented by Conan O’Brien in the United States, while receiving Liam Cunningham who plays Davos in the series, the presenter showed an excerpt from the first episode would suggest that Jon Snow reappear in. .. Walker Blanc!

However Kit Harington was formal in the death of Jon Snow. “ People do not want me to die, but (Jon Snow) died Well, he’ll have all the world do it! (…) it’s great that people care about this series and what happens to the characters they love or hate. it’s a special thing. I have to me complain about anything. if they care for (the fate of Jon Snow) (…) it means that people are affected at heart and that is exactly what we wanted.

the answer, on April 24th!


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