Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sivouplééé! : Receive Roma and die? – Le Figaro

REVIEW TWEETS – It is not yet born the new film by Philippe de Chauveron already caused an outcry, especially on social networks. In question ? A “racist” and as a subject on Roma “full of clichés.”

But What we in fact God to deserve this? Two years after the hit comedy Philippe de Chauveron, the director is back and is ready to serve us a new joke. A film about a Roma family christened with a taste for dubious: No, it’s not a late April Fool “Sivouplééé!”.

Philippe de Chauveron confided to Le Figaro a year ago seeking “the” good idea … Maybe he should have to give a little more time. Anyway, on the Internet, the reactions are not made to wait. Worse, it’s even a real outcry faced by the director and his favorite actor Christian Clavier.

bronca even while shooting Sivouplééé has not started yet! The pitch? A leftist intellectual (Christian Clavier so), wanting philanthropist invites people in his latest novel to welcome home for families in need. Accused of hypocrisy by a journalist, humanist is challenged to apply what he calls himself in his book.

The next day, a Roma father (played by François Damiens) arrives with wife and children in wit. Shaken in his convictions, the writer will face its own contradictions … A scenario that is reminiscent of the Grand sharing Alexandra Leclere (movie with Karin Viard, Didier Bourdon and Josiane Balasko).

Sivouplééé a little imagination seems to scream users on Twitter, who show their disgust towards the title of the new comedy and anticipate Chauveron gags “racist” that might arise from this scenario where the sordid fight the pathos. And in left intellectual keyboard highlights one of our colleagues, this is already the science fiction …


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