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Death of actress Ronit Elkabetz, face the new Israeli cinema – The World

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The actress, writer and director, Elkabetz in Deauville in September 2009.

the intense look, features craggy, the flamboyant black mane. Elkabetz was the face of the new Israeli cinema. This new profuse, diverse, exciting wave, which since the early 2000s, sweeping the world, was marked by his intense roles of women, struggling up the steep path of emancipation, when the pressure of patriarchal society did not push them to the brink of insanity. Cancer against which she fought for two years was carried away on Tuesday April 19th. She was 51 years old.

Born in a family of Moroccan origin, financial position and the father of a hairdresser mother, Elkabetz arrived in the cinema by chance as she destined to a stylist career. Came to spend a cast for what she thought was an advertisement, she landed the leading role of the Predestined , Daniel Wachsmann in 1990. Others will follow soon, like this young woman, deficient light and gifted psychic mental powers that he has Shmuel Hasfari in the beautiful Sh’Chur . This character, who will remain as one of the strongest of his career, contained the germ of all her acting personality: “I have never been attracted by the beautiful woman roles , she confided in World in 2004. I am attracted by the difficulty, dirt, scratching, bleeding this “.

Saga family

the issues raised by this film that pointed in a new way the burdens of the Moroccan community in Israel ( “sabra”) resonate strongly also in the family saga she realized later Schlomi with his brother, three films inspired by the story of their mother ( to Take a wife , 2004 Seven Days , 2007 Gett, the trial of Viviane Amsalem , 2014) in which they settle their accounts with the cultural archaisms of their original environment.

in 1997, when she just turned to Amos Gitai ( Milim , 1996) and to sign three new film projects, Elkabetz left for France where it is unknown, and starts anew. After a one-year internship in the company of Ariane Mnouchkine, as painful as founder ordeal, she says, she landed on the boards of Avignon off to play under the direction of Ellen Melaver, the role a Martha Graham ill and alcoholic, aged 74.

The actress, writer and director, Elkabetz in Hollywood in October 2014.

His return to Israel coincides with the moment when the national cinema began to cross borders. In Late Marriage (2001), of Dover Kosashvili, she plays the mistress, divorced mother of Moroccan origin, a young man of Georgian origin that her family tries to marry a virgin outcome their community. In My treasure (2003), Keren Yedaya, she is the mother of a teenage prostitute 17 years. Both films the lead in Cannes where she will continue to come back then, especially with his brother Schlomi as director of September Days (presented at the Critics’ Week, which she will chair the jury in 2015 ) and Gett, the trial of Viviane Amsalem (presented at the directors’ fortnight).

“a great woman”

Elkabetz called himself happy to have lived this time the Israeli cinema was freed of the obligation to mention the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to become “more physical” , “less cerebral “, ” more feminine “. Even to go to the comedy, as it has done itself in The Band’s Visit (2007), by Eran Kolirin, whose international success has certainly favored its inclusion in the cinema french – as we have seen since in André Téchiné ( the Girl on the Train , 2009), Pascal Elbe ( Turk’s Head , 2010), Brigitte Sy ( Free Hands , 2010) or in the series Trepalium (2016) Arte.

Co-Producer with Sandrine Brauer Gett, the trial of Viviane Amsalem Marie evokes Masmonteil about it a woman great, deeply generous, the outside a little diva when she vanished began to speak. sincerely We thought she would be able to overcome the disease, or at least to push it very far she was so strong . In recent months, she says, Elkabetz preparing a film on the last year of the life of Maria Callas, she wanted herself to play the character. “The film had to be a reflection on the life of the woman who would not die. Callas had lost his voice, like singing, Onassis … And she had been repackaging reborn. But before she died, at age 53. “


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