Monday, April 11, 2016

Renaud: alcohol, prison, a song for Johnny … The singer says – Charts in France

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Ten years after “Red blood”, her latest album of original songs, Renaud has just published “Renaud”, his new album led by the single “Still standing”. It’s a renaissance for the singer of 63 years. “ I lived some difficult years when I was drinking a lot, I spoke little, if at all, where I was content to growl. I went unhappy people around me “had he remembered it a few months ago, excited to return in better shape than ever. “ I do not drink more than a drop of alcohol since 108 days, I only smoke maximum 15 cigarettes a day instead of two and a half packs. I am in great shape “he confided to pass. And Renaud has now regained envy.

“I’ll never replongerai!”

I’m not afraid to plunge. I swear before God, before men, I will never replongerai! “come from declaring broadcast on Europe 1 radio, wishing to turn the page on its addictions that he” rotted life for 10 years . ” “ Ten years of wandering, ten years lost in the mists of anise alcohol Marseille ” Has he recognized in hindsight. Very present in the media, Renaud also revealed the secret history hiding behind his new song “One night in jail,” presents his new album: “ That’s a true story, on a Greek island there ten years. I was riding on a scooter, smashed to ouzo. A cop beckons me: “Blow into the balloon”
I spent a night in the drunk tank, a day at the police station, and again in cell before. be tried on a nearby island. (…) You can imagine the atmosphere … I had tears in my eyes. Believe me, there was nothing glamorous in this misadventure “he vowed in France Sunday . Ready to go back on stage with his “Phoenix Tower” in the month of October, Renaud has no intention of resting on its laurels. He has proposed a song Johnny Hallyday for his next album: “ Like dozens of others, I tried to place a song for Johnny Hallyday called “Johnny Cash Blues”. It’s a song that suits him well, that sticks well to the skin and which I expect a reply shortly . ” Also planned: a Christmas album of songs for children …!


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