Monday, April 11, 2016

Labor law: what Manuel Valls offers for Youth – Le Figaro

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the Prime Minister received Monday morning the high school and student organizations. He announced several measures in favor of youth, such as the extension of scholarships after graduation and increasing taxes on CDD.

The Prime Minister Manuel Valls presented on Monday a series of measures to ease youth organizations. Eight high school students and student organizations were received at Matignon to discuss the labor law and the slopes of the Government planned to encourage the integration of youth into the labor market. These measures include in particular the extension of scholarships to young of modest after graduation for up to four months, a measure called for by the student union UNEF.

The holders of a CAP, a vocational baccalaureate, a BTS, DUT, Licence, a master or an engineering degree, while stock their studies, may request the extension of their award, after earning their degree and waiting to find a job. But this extension will not last more than four months. This new research assistance for a first job (CCA) will start as from September 2016 and will be paid from September to December. Matignon estimated 130,000 young people the number of potential beneficiaries, at a cost of 130 million euros a year.

“Measures with a concrete impact for youth” according to Manuel Valls

the Prime Minister also announced that taxes on fixed-term contracts (CDD) will be increased to encourage hiring on permanent contracts. This taxation, optional until now, will now be mandatory. It will be through employer contributions to unemployment insurance. But it is the social partners to define the scale and the scope of this “over-contribution,” said Matignon, who believes that “consistent” with the measure relaxation of the conditions to end a CDI under the labor law .

also provided improved remuneration and rights of apprentices , as part of a consultation with the social partners. Without waiting, the state will pay an increase in legal minimum wages for youth 16 to 20 years on 1 January 2017. The additional cost to employers will be “fully compensated by the state,” which devotes to this measure a envelope of EUR 80 million.

Manuel Valls also promised in a Technical university quota of places , to which access is selective, will be reserved for graduates technological sectors. The number of BTS spaces will be increased, possibly 2,000 places a year for five years. The rental guarantee, which allows young people to access housing more easily, could be extended or generalized. All these measures, which will have “a real impact for youth, according to Manuel Valls, will cost between 400 and 500 million euros per year.

The” important steps “for the UNEF, which “remains mobilized” against the labor law

at the exit of the consultation, the president of the UNEF William Martinet welcomed these “important steps” which “meet the claims of the A f”. “It is a satisfaction for having been heard Unef, and these ads meet the youth’s concerns,” he explained, adding that “labor bill is still not a good law for youth. The UNEF remains attached and integral part of the Inter and its slogans, and remains mobilized for April 28 “.

Even the satisfaction displayed by Alexandre Leroy side, President Fage . “The ads are positive and in the right direction,” he said at the exit of the meeting with Manuel Valls. “Today we are pleased with ads that should be the kickoff of a political sequence that puts young people at the center of concerns,” said Alexander Leroy, referring to the bill on equality and citizenship. According to the student union of the second leader of France, “it is at the cost of great sequence for youth Francois Hollande may say he kept his promise of 2012 ‘to his youth priority.

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