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Prince: the secret history of Purple Rain – Le Figaro

Taken from the eponymous film, this ballad has become emblematic of the deceased star Thursday, April 21 to 57. She devoted this unforgettable singer.

Prince is Purple Rain and Purple Rain is Prince. This eight-minute ride is linked forever to the giant of pop died Thursday, April 21 at 57 years. According to Lisa Coleman singer who worked with him, this song is a symbol of a “new beginning. Violet (purple), as the sky at dawn. Rain (rain), the element that washes “. In fact, the Purple Rain adventure marks the start of the international career of Kid Minneapolis.

In 1984, Prince is already recognized, but not yet a superstar. His earliest albums have forged a name. He is 26 years old. It then falls on the script of a film made available by its agents.

This film tells the life sketch of a young boy that has a complicated relationship with his parents. He has a passion for music, and devoted himself entirely. He formed his group and starts. This young guy on the sidelines struggle for acceptance and finally put an entire city at his feet by the simple power of his stage performance.

This story Prince discovers is his. The singer recognizes that “Kid” and would refine this scenario, it fits. This body and soul in this film project which will be called Purple Rain. During his tours, he scribbles regularly ideas in a purple notebook. Legend has it that this precious book will give the film its title, that William Blinn, author of the first draft, intended to baptize Dreams .

The production is entrusted to Albert Magnoli Prince and assumes the role of the main character. He attends the shooting of every scene, done and redone the relentless taken to exhaustion. With disarming candor, he plays, he sings, he dances. At the time, this flamboyant novelty pleases the public. But this fictionalized autobiography and singing is not really a success. Today, it has definitely been forgotten.

But the song that serves as its soundtrack will survive him. Better still, it will open the doors of fame to the young Prince. The success was meteoric. His refrain that tirelessly declines words alone “purple rain” is needed without delay as that of the summer of 1984. The album is soon to peak atop the record sales, not allowing themselves to dethrone during 21 weeks.

The legend says that this album was a response to Thriller Michael Jackson sold over 100 million copies. In all, P urple Rain has sold 20 million copies. The Kid has therefore not matched the King of Pop, but the performance is unique.

This is the title that won the most awards at Prince: two trophies at the Grammy Awards (Best Music and Best Rock Performance), but especially the Oscar for best film music in 1985.

the monuments around the world began in the colors of Purple Rain to honor the deceased singer. Guarantee its success during his lifetime, that legendary piece now fuel its memory.


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