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Evening “Game of Thrones”: “It’s really a mess, this series” – The Obs

“I warn you, if subtitles are in English, I will stay glued to the screen,” worries Audrey, visibly stressed at the thought of having to translate what will pass under his eyes for nearly an hour. For this lawyer of 27 years, this is a first: this evening, she participated in the evening “Game of Thrones” organized at his friend Eric, 29, in the south of Paris. Season 6 resumed Sunday in the United States, they would not miss it for the world

Game of Thrones. Jon Snow, Daenerys, Sansa … Where are they

the young art director has everything: the beers cool, hot McD, lit video projector and set to a YouTube video that summarizes the previous five seasons, just to refresh the memory of the guests before the big jump in ‘unknown. This first episode of season 6, Eric was downloaded three times “to be sure to have a good version”: no matter of looking on the OCS City, which broadcasts yet legally in France

Antoine and Tiphaine, 30 and 27 years, have provided a myriad of sushi scientifically they spread their feet in order to nibble while watching. By the window, a large black cloth was stretched “to not let the sunlight,” said Eugene, commercial director, with some confidence. “At this time of year, day sets later.”

Gaëtan Gregory and Paulina have just arrived. They settle. In the small living room of fifteen square meters where is now shake the eight comrades, we turned off the light. Eric click on the “play” button. maximum concentration, the ceremony can begin

“It’s really a mess, this series”

Each review with a certain emotion the events of the previous seasons. beheading of Ned Stark, incest Cersei and Jaime Lannister, the bloody purple Wedding, the death surprised Ygritte, poisoning sadistic King Joffrey, Arya punishment or even the tragic death of Oberyn Martell, who scored all the spirits. “It was so drunk,” Eric loose, blasé.

The summary comes to an end and it is Tiphaine, veterinary 27 years younger who pretty much sums up the feelings of everyone face this flood of information: “it’s really a mess, this series.”

the light comes on again, it’s time predictions. The same question is on everyone’s lips: what will happen to Jon Snow, the dying was abandoned at the end of Season 5? Tiphaine leans toward the sorceress Melisandre:

“I would like the crazy red raises Jon Snow, it turns it into a horrible thing that would kill everyone and be done.”

Eugene, he feared not having answered in this first episode:

“We want to know what happens to Jon Snow, but they will not show, c ‘sure. “

the room is plunged back into the dark and generic sounds. The tension is palpable. Paulina takes a picture of the screen, perhaps to share on social networks. Eric warns:

“From now on, any pee break is prohibited for 50 minutes.”

First observation, the subtitles are in English. So much for Audrey.

“I’m sure she’ll drown, this bitch”

Foreground on Jon Snow, lying in the snow. Paulina finds the death, not without a touch of sarcasm: “It is a little white.” The first appearance on screen Melisandre, very affected, said no more about his intentions regarding the fate of the hero. Excitement in the room.

“I’m sure she’ll drown, this bitch.” Anthony is apparently very happy to be alive Sansa Stark, accompanied by Theon Greyjoy puny. Pursued by henchmen Ramsay, they sink into a frozen river and take refuge under a strain … before being caught. The situation is critical. For Eugene, “it takes a stroke of fate.” This is the moment chosen by the signet badass Brienne Torth to make a comeback.

on the couch, the euphoria:” Brieeeeeeeenne “unleash the chorus in eight buddies, relieved to see the land. Here she smashes the bad guys, save Sansa life and closed the first real action sequence this season.

Too focused on the screen to do two things at the same time, Antoine benefits from a beer break claimed by the group to nibble. “Ok, I have a four-second window to eat something!” The relief was in his eyes.

“Not sure it good in bridge, Daenerys”

We pass quickly on the (very) bad Cersei Lannister, who recovered Myrcella body of his daughter killed by Ellaria Sand in season 5. “gender she feels guilty, kind she is sad? she wants to believe it at that?” Antoine ton, definitely the most cynical of the band, wondering instead how she will take revenge.

“it will smash them, they will not understand.”

stupor on the couch when Doran and Quentyn Martell pass under the blade of Sand sisters (who avenge and the death of their father Oberyn). In the living room that fuse all sides: “They are serious!” ; “No, but it’ll be anything, Dorne now”; “But how they will govern all this?” The disquiet, but that little good bloody episode woke friends. The valves fuse when one takes news of Daenerys. “They sent him to the nursing home!” “I’m not sure it good bridge,” replied Anthony. And one of the boys to chain “? A little Crapette”

“bastards Oh, wait one week there?”

Scoop! Arya is still blind. While she begs, she gets beaten to stick by the assistant Jaqen H’ghar which lets plan with an enigmatic “! See you tomorrow ” ( “We see you tomorrow! “). Gregory ended dialogue, sarcastic: “ Can not wait, yeah .” ( “Yeah, I have great hurry.”) Ping-pong between the peers, delighted to see the young Stark ” should she gathered her room now. ” “Yes, and his teeth.”

Final scene. The red witch Melisandre undresses facing a mirror. Tiphaine anticipates the situation: “She’ll get naked.” Gregory followed suit, recalling that nudity is one of many gimmicks of the show: “. Oh yeah, any excuse is good” Front of the mirror, the witch reveals a very old woman’s body. On the couch, we’re in shock, “Whaaaaat?” Nobody saw it coming. And presto, end credits.

Audrey Tiphaine and feeling the pinch, “Oh, the bastards, wait for a week?” Antoine answered resignedly: “Yeah, as usual.” The light comes on again and everyone wonders what will become Melisandre. Eric has his opinion:

<"I'm sure she is preparing a big thing Maybe she looks at her body one last time before reincarnating in Jon Snow.?" p> Gregory, he returns to the prophecy of the witch, who had a vision of Jon Snow fighter to Winterfell, “She knows he must return, it will inevitably resurrect” Gaëtan and concluded: “I say it’s going to piss A priori, this is a big Witch (witch).”.

What next for Jon Snow? What about Bran? What will happen to Dorne? Daenerys eventually she Champion bridge of Westeros? It perhaps will in the next episode of “Game of Thrones”, the eight friends have already planned to watch together next week.

Henri Rouiller


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