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François Pinault will open a new art museum in Paris – Le Monde

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The businessman Francois Pinault at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice in April 2016.

Evariste Vital Luminais, immortal author of Enervés Jumiges , painting of two men lying on a raft floating on the Seine between – temporary, but renewable for 50 years – in the collection of François Pinault: the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and the businessman have announced, Wednesday, April 27, the implementation of the Pinault foundation for commerce Exchange, a circular building built in the XVIII th century rue Viarmes in the 1 st arrondissement where our painter also worked.

originally corn Exchange, it was transformed in the nineteenth th century after a fire and given to the Chamber of commerce. Three allegorical sculptures on the facade, works of Aristide Croisy represent the city of Paris, surrounded by Abundance and Trade. Anne Hildago does not make a mistake, who hopes that “This new museum, expected to open in late 2018, will contribute to the revitalization of the district of Les Halles and the international attractiveness of Paris” . We can also see frescoes depicting exchanges between the five continents: one has to Evariste Vital Luminais, therefore, America representation (with Indians, cowboys and loco Steam) to that of Georges Clairin Asia and Africa, and Hippolyte Lucas that of Europe. These decorations are historical monuments and the dome.

To the west of Les Halles

The information was leaked a few weeks ago in newspaper Les Echos, without then be confirmed nor by the City or by the entourage of François Pinault. It happened after many rumors, and an article in the newspaper Cross in 2015 that already spoke of contacts between the two parties, following the call for proposals launched in 2014 by the City for animate 23 sites in the capital. The article, which cited three other places, had attracted a denial of Jean-Jacques Aillagon, former minister of culture became adviser to François Pinault, who however confirmed the interest of his boss an implantation of Paris . an antenna to its Venetian foundation, Palazzo Grassi with his “Teatrino” and the Punta della Dogana

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The Trade Exchange, the Forum des Halles, view from the roof of Saint-Eustache church in Paris, on 27 November 2007.

So, after Customs, the trade: the building is ideally located, the west of Les Halles which construction is completed and not far from the central station of the Louvre, also being rehabilitated, also near the Louvre Museum, not far from the Pompidou Centre. For François Pinault, is essential, as he wrote justifying the abandonment of the project of Ile Seguin: “A neighborhood quality and efficient access are prerequisites to the attraction of all cultural place. I had in fact made of the urban environment of the museum one of the prerequisites to launch my project. “

Jean-Jacques Aillagon confirms: ” We considered locations in the province. In Britain in particular, but he is well aware that France is a very centralized country, and it was in Paris that focuses much of the public. We visited several sites, but he felt he had to be like in Venice: there is in the heart of the city, in the middle of the Grand Canal. In this case, the commodity exchange is the very heart: one is in the 1 st arrondissement. Below, there is the main hub of communication channels in the Paris region. “

13 000 m 2 , which 4000 m 2 of exhibition space

The place is huge, about 13,000 m 2 , which 4000 m 2 of planned exhibition space, compared to 2500 m 2 Palazzo Grassi, and 3000 m 2 of the Punta della Dogana. This will be the largest of the Pinault foundation, but the maintenance costs are high and the building requires extensive work to put to a public reception standards. The amount is estimated, for now, 100 million euros, which will be the responsibility of François Pinault .

This is probably what prompted Chamber of commerce and industry of Paris, the owner since 1949, to surrender the property to the City, which in turn rents it for fifty years and renewable, not the foundation, but the family holding. Jean-Jacques Aillagon states: “We wanted to involve his wife, his two son and daughter, so that the adventure continues beyond itself. In order to make these sustainable projects. He was born in 1936, he has a perfect desire to live, but he also knows that everything has an end. Fifty years renewable, is the right measure for two generations. Now it is a family affair. “

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Which accepted the perspective of finance foreseeable operating deficit, but also a rent. If the project is approved after deliberation by the Council of Paris, which will meet in July, it should, in good sources, be 15 million per year the first two years. Taking into account the above costs, it would then pass to a level “récognitif” much lower, which will be estimated based on the actual cost of work, plus a royalty of 6% of total turnover.

After deliberation the board of Paris, things should go very quickly, with the move of the Chamber of commerce and industry and the filing of a building permit. Jean-Jacques Aillagon estimated that “site should be able to start in January 2017″, and set a goal to finish before the end of 2018, with a first exposure to autumn of this year. “This may seem fast, but all our sites in Venice were taken at this rate” , he said.

Four architects

No less than four architects will work on the project, announced François Pinault at the press conference: “Tadao Ando, ​​universally acknowledged, that has supported all my Venetian initiatives and for that I ‘ have friendship and admiration; a chief architect of historical monuments, Pierre-Antoine Gatier, the building enjoying protection as historical monuments; two young French architects, Niney and Lucie Thibault Marca, creators of NeM agency, which I appreciated talent in Lens when I told them the realization of the residence of artists we have inaugurated in 2015; and finally the Setec group that will ensure the technical side. “

Bethenod Martin, who runs the Venetian foundations, will also assume the burden of Paris. He will, said François Pinault, “a multidisciplinary program, with many experiences at the crossroads of visual arts, music, theater, literature and film. That is why I will ensure that the building has a high quality auditorium. “ At the end of the concession, all return to the city. François Pinault, who sees far (it will be 130 years …), however, states: “The city of Paris may wish, with my heirs, continue the adventure. I like anyway vow. “

He had not escaped Bertrand Delanoë and his Deputy first time, Anne Hidalgo, that in his letter published by Le Monde where it announced its decision to abandon the Ile Seguin, Francois Pinault had hinted that Venice was only a step: “After Venice, I wish I could join other cities in Europe and I ‘ hope in France, trying to form an international network in which circulate the works, proposals, ideas, looks “ he wrote. Both had informed him that if he wanted to return to Paris, they would be at his side to think about the best possible solution. Ten years later, it’s done.

Anne Hidalgo, which all players in the folder ensure that it has demonstrated an unfailing determination, said host this project “with enthusiasm, ensured the presence in Paris of one of the largest contemporary art collections in the world contribute to the dynamism and international influence of the capital. ” fluctuat nec mergitur: like Enervés Jumiges



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