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Cannes 2016: the Critics Week, four French films, theater and women – Télé

On Monday 18 April, the general delegate of Critics Week, Charles Tesson, unveiled seven feature films and ten shorts in competition. A vintage 2016 aims to discover new talent around the world. For the first time this year, a Lebanese film enters the race.

After the announcement, just a few days, race movies to the palm of gold at Cannes, it is the turn of the critics Week to unveil its selection, presented Monday morning by the delegate General Charles Tesson. Chaired by the actress and director Valérie Donzelli, the jury of this fifty-fifth edition will have to decide in seven feature films and ten shorts in competition, selected from around the world, Turkey ( Albüm , Mehmet Can Mertoglu) to Singapore ( Yellow Bird , K. Rajagopal) or in Lebanon (a far country for the first time in this parallel section with Tramontana Vatche Boulghourjian)

a vintage 2016, as always, strives to reveal and support new talent. there are five first films (one french, Grave , Julia Ducourneau) and two second in the list of feature films. As for the directors of the short films in competition, they will have the opportunity to integrate the Next Step program, a workshop “training and support to the movie.” But the Critics’ Week, it is not only the competition, after which will be awarded three prizes, the Grand Prix Nespresso, Price France Revelation 4 and the Discovery Award Leica Cine Short Film. An armful of special sessions will enrich the program: the “50 + 5″ session will honor such new unreleased films from filmmakers revealed by the event in 2015 and 2014, the Colombian Cesar Augusto Acevedo and the Israeli Nadav Lapid. More surprisingly, the theater invites this year on the big screen with Apnea , orchestrated by Jean-Christophe Meurisse and his troupe of dogs Navarre.

One of the most anticipated films will be screened in a special screening at the opening of the Week: Victoria , the new comedy Justine Triet ( the Battle of Solferino ), with Virginia Efira, Vincent Lacoste and Melvil Poupaud brush, according to Charles Tesson, “a modern portrait of a young single mother looking for a perilous balance between his life professional and love life “. It is also with the films of women that the event is completed: the first three short films by three filmmakers beginners, but famous actresses: Laeticia Casta ( In me ), Kiberlain ( Good Figure ) and Chloe Sevigny ( Kitty ).

Opening Film:

Victoria , Justine Triet (France)


Albüm , Mehmet Can Mertoglu (Turkey)
Diamond Island Davy Chou (Cambodia / France)
Grave , Julia Ducourneau (France)
Mimosas , Oliver Laxe (Spain)
> Shavua Ve Yom (One Week and a day) , and Asaph Polonsky (Israel)
Tramontana , Vatche Boulghourjian (Lebanon)
A Yellow Bird , K. Rajagopal (Singapore)

Arnie , Rina B. Tsu (Taiwan / Philippines)
Aascensão , Pedro Peralta (Portugal)
Campo Viboras of Cristèle Alves Meira (Portugal)
O e a Delírio Redenção back Aflitos of Fellipe Fernandes (Brazil)
The Childhood of a leader , Antoine de Bary (France)
Limbo , Konstantina Kotzamani (Greece)
Oh what a wonderful feeling , François Jaros (Canada)
Prenjak of Wregas Bhanuteja ( Indonesia)
The Soldier virgin , Erwan Le Duc (France)

 Superbia, Luca Tóth (Hungary)

Closing Films:

Good Figure (Smile), of Kiberlain (France) (short film)
in me , Laetitia Casta (France) (short film)
Kitty , Chloë Sevigny (USA) (short film)

Special Screenings:

I tempi felici verranno presto , Alessandro Comodin (Italy)
Apnea Jean-Christophe Meurisse (France)

Session 50 + 5

Myomano shel tzalam atonot (from the Diary of a Wedding Photographer) , Nadav Lapid (Israel)
Los pasos del agua of César Augusto Acevedo (Colombia).


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