Wednesday, April 20, 2016

With “Marseille”, Netflix and TF1 enter into business – Télé

The channel will broadcast the first two episodes of the series starring Gérard Depardieu, on May 12, a week after its posting on the VOD site. An operation “win-win” nice stunt and heavy editorial decision sense.

On Thursday 12 May at 8:55 p.m., TF1 will broadcast the first two episodes of Marseille , the first French production Netflix – before programming, at an unspecified date, the six other parts of season 1 of the political and family drama. Viewers who have been titillated and will not want to wait to be invited to see the full Netflix. And eventually, after a month trial, to subscribe. Details of the transaction were not made public. It focuses only on Marseille for now, but does not exclude that TF1 if it is successful (so if the hearings are good), it may have to be repeated. ” A track to confirm which implies that Netflix, herald of the “time-shifted” television, is not against the idea of ​​letting some of its series for a ride on the old small screen .

Unpublished in France, “partnership” as announced the joint press release the two broadcasters, seems a priori win-win. TF1 offers – for a price which also remains confidential – a gala, starring Gérard Depardieu in the role of the Mayor of Marseille end of the race, and Benoît Magimel, his successor with long teeth. Netflix, for its part, has an unprecedented publicity stunt, after a sharp offensive last week by an imposing communication operation in the city of Saint-Denis Theatre.

Apart ambiguity of this “collaboration” (discrete incentive to Netflix, whatever the future of the distribution of Marseille on the first channel), it reveals a new and surprising editorial direction of VOD site. Compete overseas with ambitious cable channels HBO or Showtime, he was part rather far on the French territory, bane of Canal + – symbolized by a voltage recovery House of cards , its flagship series. By partnering with TF1, Netflix appears to target a wider audience. Despite laudable efforts in recent seasons, the string Josephine guardian angel and Profiling is still synonymous author series.

the spread of Marseille on TF1, in this sense, partly reveals the tone of the series. We waited a dark work, violent, hardly compatible with a broadcast in prime time on a large free channel like TF1. In fact, the “film series” (again dixit press release) Dan Franck, directed by Florent Emilio Siri and Samuel Benchetrit, is far from achieving the quality of previous productions of Netflix, American House of cards or Orange is the new black to the Latin Narcos . If it appeals to viewers of TF1, the operation will be a success communication, and could discover the VOD site to a wide audience. Not sure however that Marseille , with its airs of boursoufflé soap, using both broadcasters to establish itself as defenders of French creation of quality … (1 )


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