Michel Field, director of France Télévisions information, not not really unanimous. – Tristan PAVIOT

There is anger at France Télévisions. This Thursday, the newsrooms of France 2, France 3 and Francetvinfo.fr gather for a large general meeting to voice their discontent about the single brand ”
 France Info. ” And not only. Journalists will also discuss the behavior and management
 Michel Field, the news director of France Television since December 2015, strongly criticized and could be a confidence motion. 20 Minutes reports on the situation and explain the reasons for the anger of journalists from France Télévisions

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Not in the name “France Info”

In September, a new news channel will make its appearance on the small screen, 100% made in public service and grouping France Télévisions, Radio France, France Global Media and INA. Good news in terms of plurality of information, but not without raising concerns. Starting with the name “France Info”, which irritates. “We fear a confusion with the radio,” said in a statement writing
 Francetvinfo.fr on strike on April 7. “We do not see how this brand,” antiquated and outdated “, in the words of Michel Field [...] is entitled to develop new uses and new audiences who do not see the traditional media.”

in a referendum last few weeks, more than 9 out of 10 journalists from France 2, France 3 and Francetvinfo.fr voted against the name “France Info”. “We have not found better,” explained Delphine would Ernotte reporters, such as an employee told France TV to 20 Minutes .

The dilution editorial

Behind the refusal of the name, also hides the fear of losing their editorial independence, and that the kingdom total confusion. For “France Info” shall mean the historical radio, news channel and digital information offers newsrooms of France Télévisions. Currently, TV newsrooms of France are independent of each other and “can treat the same subject, each with a style and tone of their own. Players and spectators thus have a choice, “the statement said Francetvinfo.fr. Will he still under the brand “France Info”?

Information outsourced

Another topic that stuck, outsourcing of information. At the next school year, a new political magazine should land on France 2 Thursday evening, presented by journalisteKarim Rissouli. The catch? The show will be produced by an external production company in France Tele, that of Renaud Le Van Kim, former producer of Grand Journal de Canal +, u first for this type of program. Outsourcing worries journalists, fearful of losing hold of the program, especially as the coming months will be punctuated by the presidential campaign.

The total blur

But au beyond these many points of contention, it is the management of the information industry that is challenged by the different newsrooms. “We cruised us for months,” says Ilan Caro, journalist and member of the Society of Journalists (SDJ) to Francetvinfo.fr, “it is telling us nothing we did not answer our questions, and there the project still remains rather vague as the deadline approaches. ” In recent weeks, the upheavals of the burn raining. Deleting Words and deeds , Special Envoy , Elise Lucet leaving the JT and arrived on Thursday evening, the arrival of a new political magazine More … if they do not skimp, Delphine Ernotte and Michel Field would be very far from being legit.

The casualness of Michel Field

“Nicolas, if you listen to us, do you suicide not right away, “swung Michel Field joking on the set of Extra Canal + on Sunday, to discuss the uncertain future of Additional survey , presented by Nicolas Poincaré. Words that are not really gone … If the director of France TV Info publicly acknowledged
 have shown “blunders”, the controversy is not less swollen. So much so that his behavior will be widely discussed at the general meeting tomorrow, to the evocation of a confidence motion. “The AG is clearly wants to be a warning shot against the management of Michel Field, the loss of confidence we have in him and his in-nonchalant behavior or disrespectful,” says a journalist from France TV. A real showdown is shaping