Thursday, April 14, 2016

Steven Spielberg and Mark Rylance reunited for Ready Player One – Le Figaro

This is a duo that works wonders. The English actor is about to turn a fourth time with the director of Spies Bridge . An experience that has earned him this year’s Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

This is their fourth collaboration in two years. After Bridge of Spies (December 2015), The Good big giant (20 July 2016), and The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara (draft ), the science fiction film Ready Player One reconvene director Steven Spielberg and actor Mark Rylance English. The shooting of the film scheduled for March 2018 will start on June.

This adaptation of the novel by Ernest Cline takes place in 2044, in a decadent world full poverty and disease. The young Wade Watts denies this reality sad face, and escaped as soon as he can in Oasis, a utopian world where everyone can be who he wants, have fun and fall in love as he wants on any the ten thousand planets in this universe.

The billionaire who created this virtual reality called James Donovan Halliday. This is the central role of this man wealthy should be given to Mark Rylance. He will star opposite Olivia Cooke and Tye Sheridan, already recruited to embody the two main roles.

The first shooting of Mark Rylance with Steven Spielberg earned him his first Oscar, for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for the interpretation of the Russian spy. In the light of this achievement, collaboration which has just begun between the two men promises to be fruitful.

The 56 year-old actor is also working with Christopher Nolan on the set of Dunkirk , expected in cinemas in July 2017.


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