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Canal + will broadcast more than an hour of light per day – Europe1

For its comeback on September 5, Canal + will broadcast no more than an hour of light per day: part of the Grand Journal and the Puppets, the new version of the Petit Journal and the Journal Gros, said Wednesday the director of the antennas group in an interview with Le Figaro. “We have significantly reduced the beaches clear from 6:00 to 2:00 on weekends and from 2 hours to 1 hour per week,” says Gérald-Brice Viret. “With an hour to clear 7:50 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., we will go fishing with zappers viewers to make them want to subscribe to them,” he hoped.

Le Grand Journal first encrypted. “Le Grand Journal” presented this season by Victor Robert, will start encrypted before switching to clear to the end of the Puppets and the second part of the show. And “Le Petit Journal” presented by Cyrille Eldin will be broadcast in the clear, followed by the new issue of Mouloud Achour, Gros Journal.

Self-promotion. In the range in the clear, channel will also broadcast “the first magazine subscribers, while an image on programs and behind the scenes to make self-promotion,” added Gérald-Brice Viret, and “new daily sports magazines” will be offered at noon.

150 million savings. the leader also returned to the savings plan recently announced by the parent company Canal +, Vivendi, 300 million euros of France 2018 of which 150 million will cover the costs of production and editing programs. “We will achieve 150 million euros in savings without job cuts. On a cost grid of 1.3 billion euros, one can easily reduce costs simply by adopting good practices,” said Gérald-Brice .. Viret

“the info and politics will no longer be on Canal +” “the revival of Canal + begins with the strengthening of its pillars: sport, culture and entertainment. information and policy will no longer be on Canal + but on C8 and CNEWS “, new names and D8 iTélé from 5 September, he said.


The “Girl with flower” Marc Riboud: the story of an iconic photo – The Obs

The whole world knows this scene. In 1967, during a demonstration in Washington against the US intervention in Vietnam, a young protester approached soldiers with bayonet rifles. His weapon is a flower – a harmless weapon, which will nevertheless be charged to a global power through the shot taken by Marc Riboud. This huge figure of photography has died Aug. 30, 2016, at the age of 93, after a life of travel and images. Back, as a tribute, the history of this cult cliché of “Flower Power”.

(Marc Riboud)

The flower (s) gun (s)

on 21 October 1967, a human tide forms in the US capital. With a message: no to war! For years, America sends its young citizens fight in Vietnam, theater remote confrontation between the US and the USSR. And this, peace will not. Hippies in mind. To challenge President Lyndon Johnson, are 100,000 to gather around the Lincoln Memorial Basin and 50,000 to march on the Pentagon.

Among them, a teenager, Jan Rose Kasmir. From its 17 years, she joined the noisy crowd of protesters and scrolls with her floral dress.

“I do not remember how I heard about the event at the Pentagon but I knew it was something that I had to participate. I had to denounce this horrible war “, confided she much later.

Arriving near their destination, protesters abut against a line of soldiers of the National Guard. Jan Rose Kasmir, who borrowed a chrysanthemum to someone approaching soldiers. A few centimeters of bayonet blades, she brandished the flower defiance – a common gesture among followers of the “Flower Power”, who advocate nonviolence

“None of them n. has caught my eye. I was like facing a wall. But the photographer told me later that they were trembling. I think they were frightened at the idea of ​​receiving the order to shoot at us. (…) If you look at my face, I am extremely sad: I had just realize how these boys were young “

This silent confrontation is not doomed to be forgotten. . A few meters from the teenager, Marc Riboud has immortalized the scene. As evidenced by the digital contact sheet by Magnum, French photographer was wide shots of the crowd when he saw off the silhouette Jan Rose Kasmir. Click, clack, click, clack … Riboud, since its lateral position, increases the triggering and finished his film. In addition to the black and white photos, it also supports color images, we will not find out for decades. Here is his account of that time made it a few years ago TV5 Monde:

“The circumstances are that I was there at the right time I had. walking all day from early morning, j ‘had come from Paris to Washington. (…) the protesters broke into small troops at the end. He hardly one left, night fell. I was lucky, I was the only one to have this scene … “

” Marc Riboud reconciled the form and substance “

L instinct Riboud did fly. The image will become a perfect symbol of the peace movement of the “sixties”, and even a textbook case for the photographic analysis, both visual oppositions are numerous: phallic bayonet against virginal flower multitude against loneliness, dark against light or death against life, as the site compiles the images Sens.

“This picture says a lot of ability Marc summarize very strongly a situation,” said to “Obs” photographer Patrick Zachmann, colleague and friend Marc Riboud in the Magnum agency. “His strength was to reconcile the form and substance. For him, the direction was important. It was not aesthetics for aesthetics.”

Many years elapse before Jan Rose Kasmir take cognizance of the photo taken by Marc Riboud. It was his father who, surprise, surprise, discovers the image of her daughter in a photo magazine bought in Scotland, in the middle of the 1980′s “Girl with a flower” will subsequently subjected to stress media, she recounts the “Guardian” saying cry when discovering for the first time the snapshot in an exhibition ( “it took me back to sadness I felt at that moment”).

the icon has continued to engage against the war. In 2004 she found Marc Riboud in 2004 during a demonstration in London against the US invasion of Iraq. Reunion immortalized by the photographer, who then grabs the face of the fifties brandishing his own portrait dated 1967

good iconic picture, the image is Jan Rose Kasmir arise when regularly mentioned clichés in the same vein. Recently, the image of the anti-racist activist Tess Asplund facing neo-Nazis, and especially that of a protester African American standing with the police in Baton Rouge have led to comparisons with photography by Marc Riboud. Sign of the important place occupied, even today, the girl and the flower in the collective memory.

The images of former resistant, prevents Patrick Zachmann, can not however be reduced to this mythical cliché. At the journalistic aspect, it prefers poetic piece of work of Riboud, newspaper photographer in distant lands, including Maoist China was the stomping ground.

 Beijing in 1965 (Marc Riboud)

He cites this picture taken during a meeting of photographers in Japan, “beautifully composed, which says a lot about the report photographers to photography”. Or street photography he has taken from the store of an antique dealer (above), with his “subtle characters, its executives under which expresses so much on Beijing this time” . With the turning of the conversation, Zachmann loose word: Marc Riboud was a “monument”

Cyril Bonnet



“Great humanist”, “Surveyor” and “walker” who was the photographer Marc Riboud? – USAinformations

The French photographer Marc Riboud died Tuesday at the age of 93 following a long illness, his family said on Wednesday 31 August. It is particularly famous for his photographs The girl at the flower and The Painter of the Eiffel Tower that have made history. Passed by the Magnum agency, under the leadership of Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson, Marc Riboud won numerous awards and his work has been published in many magazines.

Thanks to the testimonies of his relatives , USAinformations tells you that was Marc Riboud.

A “great humanist”

“He was the bridge between two styles the humanist photographer and photojournalist hardcore “, says Alain Genestar, publication director of the photojournalism magazine Polka, that the photographer was one of the sponsors. “It was above all a great humanist , confirms Adélie de Ipanema, director of the Polka gallery, Paris, a photographer who, unlike many of those in this generation, actually took the time to take pictures “.

” Marc Riboud always brought a sweetness “ to images, still tells Adélie de Ipanema USAinformations. “In his pictures, there’s a lot of love for people. Even in a time of challenge, it will look a picture of peace. He also refused to photograph war” says the gallery owner.

Every year, on the occasion of Paris Photo, the international fair of photography, Marc Riboud invited to dinner at his photographers and gallery owners around the world. “He was a unifier, responding to all requests, whether from their friends or young photographers who wrote to him” , explains the gallery owner.

A “surveyor”

the co-founder of the Magnum agency, Henri Cartier-Bresson, called “the surveyor” says Adélie de Ipanema . “When he looked at a draw, he returned, to ensure that even upside down, its image has meaning” , she says. Marc Riboud thus became a master of composition, “With the personalized attention to shapes, including round” . Without absolutely reject color, Marc Riboud also remained faithful to the photography in black and white, in which the composition is critical.

The nickname of “surveyor” is also a wink to the youth of Marc Riboud. Having gone underground in the Vercors, in 1943-1944, the young man studied at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, from 1945 to 1948. He then worked as an engineer in a factory Villeurbanne where he fails to return after a leave of eight days, during which he decided to devote himself to photography

 a woman in front of photogrpahie & quot; the  Painter of the Eiffel tower & quot ;, in a  retrospective of Marc Riboud, Guangzhou ( China),  25 lai 2012.
a woman in front of photogrpahie” the Painter of the Eiffel tower “, during a retrospective of Marc Riboud, Guangzhou (China), 25 lai 2012. (CHEN Yehua / Xinhua / AFP)

in 1952, he arrived in Paris where he met Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa, the creators of the Magnum agency. They will be his mentors. He joined the agency in 1953, as published in Life the famous picture of Zazou, the painter in overalls and sneakers that painted girders of the Eiffel Tower.

A “poet”

the photo of Painter of the Eiffel tower “c is the birth of the great photographer Marc Riboud , told USAinformations Alain Genestar . Marc Riboud does not surrender the Eiffel tower by chance. He knows there is work. He photographed the painter. He just took a film. It took a dozen photos and this photo made the cover of Life . ”

If the photo ready to smile, it is also footprint tenderness. Alain Genestar evokes the “great poetry” Riboud, which is also found in Girl with the flower . Taken October 21, 1967 in Washington (USA), the snapshot captures a young activist against the war in Vietnam, to the Pentagon. The schoolgirl Jane Rose Kasmir y opposes a flower with American soldiers bayonets.

a person nettoire a run of & quot; girl  with the flower & quot ;, by Marc Riboud,  exposed the gate of the garden of Luxembourg, 8  June 2005.
someone nettoire a run of “the girl with flower”, Marc Riboud, exposed on the gate of the garden of Luxembourg, 8 June 2005. (DAMIEN MEYER / AFP)

A “walker”

Marc Riboud, who does not like to mingle amid photographers, was first traveled to England, the USA, before the world tour. In 1957 he was one of the first Europeans to browse Communist China and returns there regularly. He became the first witness of the Cultural Revolution launched by Mao Zedong in the 1960s as he traveled in Algeria, in many other African countries, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Japan, Cuba. In spring 2010, at age 87, he returned to China on the occasion of a retrospective of his works in Shanghai and Beijing.

A visitor observes photographs of Marc  Riboud, when exposure & quot; & quot ;, Cuba  under the Visa pour l'image festival in Perpignan,  31 August 2016.
A visitor observes photographs of Marc Riboud at the exhibition” Cuba “, under the Visa pour l’image festival in Perpignan, 31 August 2016. ( RAYMOND ROIG / AFP)

“it was called the walker” , tells the team Polka magazine . A discreet walker, shy and taciturn. “Capa sent me take pictures of a town called Leeds [UK] . I’m going there with a young journalist. After four or five days the reporter tired of walking around with someone who does not speak. Then he returned to London. I, at that time, I was delighted “, telling the photographer in France Culture, 2006.

“for him, nothing is written in advance and it is not because we belong to a family of bankers and industrialists of this good city of Lyon we do not take to their heels “ wrote s one wife Catherine Chaine in 2011.

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Divine: Oulaya Amamra determined and promising actress – L’Express

It’s been weeks since the vibrant lights of Cannes became extinct, but Oulaya Amamra still has stars in his eyes. With Divine, she lived a (nice) family history. Because it is under the direction of his sister, Huda Benyamina, it fills the screen, in the skin of Dounia, wildflower commuter rage pegged to the body. This same big sister who is at the origin of his vocation. “I got on the stage at age 12, at the MJC where she was teacher, because she lacked students.”

Just before discovering The Imaginary Invalid at the Comedie-French. “Coming out, I said to myself that one day I would be there.” Houda, big sister, is still present. Through its association thousand faces, it will allow many young commuter access to the world of cinema through immersion courses.

“I found myself doing the sound, the control and even made my first short.” It is always with Thousand faces she teaches the cast of Three times Manon Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. She gets the role.

Between physical power and fragility

All this before divine where, this time, Houda was no help. Quite the contrary. “She refused to speak to me of the movie she wrote.” So she steals him the script insists, but her sister still do not listen. “Dounia, with its appearance of a man living on the street, was the opposite of me, good student in a Catholic school and practicing ballet. But what does being an actress, otherwise get into the skin of another?” So it forces the door cast. “I did everything to convince: boxing, the Ab … and even get fired from my high school!” His desire will be due to the reluctance of his sister.

After a meningitis that leaves KO Shortly before the shooting, she launched headlong into this adventure when his physical power contrasts beautifully with moments of great fragility. In the process, she picks up the tray and the Conservatory entrance exam. The Comédie-French seems more than ever an accessible dream. His eyes did not shine finish.

divine , Houda Benyamina with Oulaya Amamra, Deborah Lukumuena, Jisca Kalvanda … Released: August 31


The former Magnum photographer Marc Riboud’s death – Le Monde

 the French photographer Marc Riboud at the  Musée de la Vie Romantique in Paris in 2009.

french photographer Marc Riboud, famous for his reports made in the world, died Tuesday at age 93 years following a long illness, his family said Wednesday, Aug. 31. Master of black and white, great reporter of a news he treated with sensitivity, Marc Riboud explained photographing “as a musician sings” .

“Mark [Riboud] was the photographer who makes the most historic photos in her life , reacted director of the photojournalism festival Visa pour l’image, Jean-François Leroy. Many photographers were inspired by him but never equaled. “” Marc Riboud was a photographer-walker, also found on USAinformations Alain Genestar, the publication director of the photojournalism magazine Polka . [...] He knew seize unusual scenes, both with great figures of the world of street scenes. “

Born in 1923 in Saint-Genis-Laval, near Lyon, Marc Riboud was offered his first camera by his father when he was 14. Her career begins there are more than sixty years. In 1953 he obtained his first publication in the magazine Life for his photograph of a balance in labor on the structure of the Eiffel Tower, The Painter of the Eiffel Tower. It will remain one of his most famous pictures, with Girl with a flower , that of an activist against the Vietnam War in the face of armed soldiers in front of the Pentagon, taken in 1967


Marc Riboud traveled the world

He joined the prestigious Magnum agency at the invitation of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa, this training engineer turned travel photographer. It makes for long periods in India, China, Japan; covers independence in Algeria and sub-Saharan Africa in the 1960s, as recalled the biography published on its website. It is also one of the few photographers to produce reports in southern and northern Vietnam between 1968 and 1969.

President of Magnum from 1974 to 1976, he left the agency in 1979 because it “does not like the competition for glory” that develops.

Author of fifteen books, Marc Riboud is the recipient of many awards including the Prix Nadar in 2012 for his book Towards the East. his photographs have been published in major magazines such as Life , Paris Match , Stern , Geo and Le Nouvel Observateur, but also in many galleries and museums in France, London or New York . The photographs he took in 1963 in Cuba, where he met Fidel Castro, are currently on display as part of the Visa pour l’image festival in Perpignan.

Fifth in a family of seven children Marc Riboud was including the brother of the industrialist Jean Riboud, who died in 1985 and former president of the world’s leading oilfield services Schlumberger, and the founder and former CEO of Danone Antoine Riboud, died in 2002.


“Divine” explosive feminist chronic or too rough first attempt? – Télé

Two little girls cities welded against the world. Sensation at Cannes, the film Houda Benyamina divides our writing.


mouflettes commuter chat and rage to live pegged to the body, we saw a lot, from the Dodge Abdellatif Kechiche to Strip girls Celine Sciamma. But the two little girls of divine do not look at themselves. Together they form a vortex, passing at full speed from comic to tragic and social chronicle the high voltage thriller. The director recovers and brews all the clichés lying at the foot of the cities to make something surprisingly new, fresh and unique. Nothing in their appearance, and inseparable Dounia Maimounia perpetually sorry marauding in their neighborhood, stand out from the common lot. The first, hiding her beauty under shapeless jackets male, is so tiny, tense and upset the latter is big, beefy, soft and enveloping. The film takes the time to make us live and enjoy their friendship for life and death, as do experiments until adolescence. Videos on cell phone in various rowdiness, welded against the world, they play the postage in a more harsh environment they, and they naively aspire to conquer. Their innocence is disguised as daring.

Dounia, who lives with a clueless mother stuck in a slum between the towers and the highway, wants to take the shortest way out of poverty. “Money, money, money,” Again she constantly. magic mantra gateway to a lot of trouble, and so, for the director to suggest the harmful power of the ultra-liberal imagination. Dounia decided, therefore, to get hired by the boss of the corner: Rebecca … This is another strength of the film as dangerous and cracked as the first male trafficker came, Rebecca aggressively use of all weapons of manhood , violence, postures and charisma included. This inversion of genres, playful and swollen, resulting in an unforgettable replicas, such that “You, you’re the clit! “ launched by the band leader to salute the courage of Dounia. Moreover, the most “feminine” role, in the mirror of history, is held by a boy, passionate dance, which comes Dounia contemplate secretly repetitions. This budding love story suggests another solution to the tyranny of money, an emergency exit by art. It might be naive, but those scenes, brilliantly choreographed, forcefully express the desire, the dream and the taming.

As he plunges into the darkness of polar, he closes the trap on his heroines, divine loses some of its originality. It remains, nonetheless, one of the revelations of the year, thanks to the incredible talent of its young performers. In the role of Dounia, unknown, Oulaya Amamra, fills the screen: a great actress has been born. – Cecile Mury


It is quiet. Every year now, the critics rave about amateur movies whose enthusiasm lieu of talent. This was the case of Donoma in 2011 Djinn Carrénard, whose second feature, FLA , was a disaster … This September is divine which makes the buzz after qu’Houda Benyamina on stage in Cannes, where she received the Camera d’or (best first film festival), launched in charge of the fortnight, which had selected the replica shock of his film “you got clit, man! “ divine is also nice, so generous it. But very slow, in fact, in his artificial anger. Repetitive … The copy scenario (not very good) Strip Girls Celine Sciamma. And the staging remains approximate, if it’s nice, or invisible, if one is lucid. One can, therefore, go to divine for lots of reasons: social, political, prophetic, feminists … But certainly not cinematic. – Pierre Murat


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Case Wolf of Wall Street: DiCaprio interviewed by the FBI – Le Figaro

According to The Hollywood Reporter, American actor could be involved in an embezzlement that would have served the Scorsese film financing.

Leonardo DiCaprio he participated indirectly in an embezzlement when financing the film in which he starred, the Wolf of Wall Street ? The actor has in any case been questioned as part of an FBI investigation. According to the US magazine The Hollywood Reporter, the production of the feature film appear as part of a lawsuit brought by the Federal Department of the United States which aims to recover one billion dollars hijacked Malaysian sovereign fund 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad).

Three years after the film’s release, federal justice tries to disentangle the financial package of the film that would involve his producer, Riza Aziz, who is none other than the Prime son-in Malaysian prime Minister Najib Razak, who is the main beneficiary of this détournnement funds. Co-founder of Red Granite Company, Aziz is accused of using the money from the Malaysian taxpayer to finance the blockbuster in which Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Jordan Belfort, a New York trader lawless! When reality meets fiction. The Swiss newspaper Time also argues that this producer maintains a close friendship with the Hollywood actor.

Even if DiCaprio not yet been prosecuted for other criminal proceedings have been launched worldwide. Particularly in Switzerland by the Bruno Manser Fund, which defends the rainforest in Malaysia. According to Lukas Straumann, its founder, “Leonardo DiCaprio has to apologize and return the money received had been stolen the Malaysian people.” Money which, moreover, would have been used, according to the assertions of th e Hollywood Reporter , to hold lavish celebrations during the filming of Wolf Wall Street or even a few naughty transferred from the Las Vegas side.

The Deputy Attorney General Leslie Caldwell, before announcing the temporary seizure of the proceeds of the film, said in the preamble of this lawsuit: “The Malaysian population has not seen a penny of profits of the film. This money went into the pockets of relatives and associates of corrupt officials 1MDB. “

In a statement, the Riza Aziz production company says it wants to cooperate with the Department of Justice. But she dispute the facts of embezzlement, “To the knowledge of Red Granite, no part of the funding received it four years ago, is illegal. And there is nothing in the record to suggest that Red Granite knew otherwise. “

Leonardo DiCaprio himself had praised Red Granite thanking all” the production team “for taking” risk on this film. ” Risk maybe calculated. Scandal proof that American actor, he chose to withdraw from the fund-raiser for the Democratic candidate for the US presidency, Hillary Clinton. For, he says, a “conflict agenda” …


Divine – critical – Paris Match

Golden Camera of the Cannes festival, “Divine” for Houda Benyamina propels you into the vortex of a suburban Chatter trio of off-the-law. A first film that keeps you out of breath.


Dounia (Oulaya Amamra) and Maimouna (Déborah Lukumuena) are two girlfriends inseparable while everything between them. One is a slender girl with fair skin, the other, a colossus with the ebony skin. While Dounia lives in a slum with a fickle and alcoholic mother, Maimouna is the daughter of a perspiring Iman wisdom. Trapped in a city where the feelings and future plans have hardly citizenship, they survive on little tricks until the day the chance allows them to get in touch with the guy from the corner (Jisca Kalvanda) a drug dealer surly …



Outfits leaves a scenario tagged by a trio of authors (Roman Compingt, Houda Benyamina and Malik Rumeau), those funny (young) ladies unleash their instincts actresses like hungry pitbulls on dialogues bloody well they were given. What a treat ! Moreover, “you got the clit,” a replica of the film, has already become cult. Could not think of movies like “Band Girls’ Celine Sciamma or even” Evasion “by Abdellatif Kechiche, but for his first film, Houda Benyamina requires originality in the way we transmit the rage (on) his heroines live without other lawless than material success. The money is chic.

A full these working girls dream of clichetons bling bling, the film opposes an artistic and sentimental reverse shot through the choreography of a young dancer. Hidden in the dark heights of the portcullis of a theater, Dounia, the beautiful savage beast watches the scene with fierce jolts. Swinging between deal and romance, this modern tragedy across the screen like a tightrope in permanent imbalance. Suffice to say that there is no net above the concrete slab. But vertigo, it is the spectators who have it. And that is the great success of the film.

Find our portrait of the actress-director Houda Benyamina in Paris Match.


Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp, who is the real Willy Wonka? – Le Figaro

Between the late Gene Wilder, and the equally eccentric Johnny Depp, who played the best the character of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Gene Wilder died on Monday August 29 at the age of 83 years. Oscar winner, muse of comedy Mel Brooks and unforgettable accomplice Richard Pryor, American actor will especially be remembered for his role as Willy Wonka in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Mel Stuart in 1971.

Roald Dahl children’s tale never knew that two film adaptations. This is Tim Burton in 2005, who raises chocolate refiner and up Johnny Depp under the intimidating hat. Logically comes to mind a comparison between the two films, and especially between the two Willy Wonka.

If some momentum unconsciously leads us to the chocolatier of seventy years – we must not underestimate the scent of nostalgia that emerges this first film, very representative of the era and its colors its psychedelic dimension – the version of Tim Burton demonstrated a rare inventiveness, drawing on another form of poetry.

Two forms of gentle madness

Gene Wilder Willy Wonka camped a carnival without makeup but wearing an orange top hat of a clown taste. Its huge bow tie (very) bad match her purple jacket – recalling the costume of Heath Ledger in Joker – end to make him an extremely fussy entrepreneur, where madness can spring at any moment .

Extremely expressive, helped by her blond curls and prominent proboscis, Willy Wonka Gene Wilder has also become a figure of sarcasm and facetious. In the manner of a musical, he does not hesitate to outline not dance, or sing along to expose his universe.

In contrast, sees Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka asexual autistic and dandy, too amazed by its chocolate that children that prompt. More airtight, it embodies a doll drawn to the nines which wants the personification of the imaginary world. Banging the windows and often comical at his expense, the Wonka Johnny Depp is a quirky character in a real world, when Gene Wilder symbolizes the seriousness of crazy and creative imagination.

The two actors have another thing in common: they both starred in an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland . Gene Wilder endorsed the shell of the Mock Turtle in a TV version in 1999, when Johnny Depp was once again trust in Tim Burton for his role as the Mad Hatter in 2010. Each in their time, these actors have embodied expression the sweet madness, always linked to childhood.

Freedom and work

Beautifully directed by Tim Burton, Johnny Depp portrays an excellent Willy Wonka. Its composition is precise and provides a complex and endearing character, stuck between the child and the crazy business executive touched Peter Pan syndrome. The aura “glam-rock” of its director, for against, defines it in a very particular aesthetic, which takes away a bit of freedom. Johnny Depp is the major piece of the imaginary setting of Burton, without being the soul.

For the image of Jack Nicholson is Joker failing to interpret (and therefore very different from a Heath Ledger that shaped his role in the smallest information), Gene Wilder himself is inhabited the character of Roald Dahl. It basically free amidst scenery that never vampirisent it, in a production that seems to work only in its expression. In the collective imagination, and it still safe bet that embody the chocolatier Willy Wonka.


Samuel Étienne: The moderator, dad, book his first words! – Pure People

Updating : On his Twitter account, Samuel Etienne confirmed his paternity. “ What a beautiful day … A big thank you to everyone for your kind words, your attention … “, has he written caption of a photo of baby socks.

August 30, 2016, we wrote the first child of Samuel Étienne decided to point the tip of his nose! On 1 August, the host issued a cliché announcing baby’s arrival for a month and this is Tuesday, August 30 that he decided to see the day …

Indeed, while it took the antenna at 5am this morning to host his show Hello Europe 1 , Stephen Samuel was forced to leave moments later because his wife, Helen, had entered hospital to give birth. “ I’m going to give up this morning to a somewhat unusual reason. There is good news, a happy event as they say, as the saying goes, was expected there in the coming hours, and c is now that I am expected at the clinic. I entrust this beautiful morning, good luck, Sebastian, good morning , “said Samuel Etienne. Fortunately, he was then able to assign the microphone to his colleague Sébastien Guyot.

The 45-year leader, also in command of Questions for a champion is received congratulations Europe 1 on Twitter. This is his first child and he is a boy.


VIDEO. Plagiarized by “Le Petit Journal”, the designer meets Salch (and it hurts) –

TELEVISION Canal + has “inspired” the Salch designer work for the promotion of ” Petit Journal “and would perhaps not have …

Extract from the picture published on Instagram “Petit Journal” – Canal +

You’ve all seen past on your Facebook wall. The drawings and “shit looks” Eric Salch often invite on social networks, and everyone takes for his rank: bear, TV host, taxi driver, press designer, whistleblower, Chinese in Paris, Darth Vader without the helmet, etc. It’s vulgar, and often funny free. He even pulled a book, released in spring Editions Fluid Glacial


& gt; & gt; Canal +: The chain unveils its fall schedule

However, the new Diary was inspired by his work for a post codes and the “look return “of its new leader Cyrille Eldin. Maybe it was a tribute. Not for the person who speaks of a “big son of pumping * beep *”. After expressing his anger on Twitter, Eric Salch responded in his own way, for the drawing. He has designed and published Monday crappy look of mind Canal 2016:. “Costume easy to return,” “mouth to pump Bolloré and ideas” and other names of birds

So that it is not even on the air from Monday, September 5 at 19:35, Le Petit Journal already experiencing a difficult comeback, with
 a risky coupon and a new presenter who hardly unanimous. Since his head throne on the Facebook page of the issue,
 the number of subscribers is endless decrease



The career of Gene Wilder in five drôlissimes comedies – Le Figaro

VIDEOS – The great American comedian, who just passed away at the age of 83, leaving to posterity a few nuggets parodic 7th art. Frankenstein , Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * … anthology of his best compositions.

the American actor Gene Wilder, who has just left us at the age of 83, leaving to posterity some comic pearls. Film historians combine his talent with that of quirky filmmaker Mel Brooks. They worked together three times for the best … and the funniest.

In 1968, The Producers out on the screens. Mel Brooks invents a scenario that hesitates between bad taste and drôlissime. A musical comedy Le Printemps Hitler comes to Broadway. The academy Oscars cry genius by presenting a statuette to the director and appointing Gene Wilder, Best Supporting Actor of the Year.

The molten 7th art also remember the great comic, long before Johnny Depp, immortalized the first, the character Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Mel Stuart (1972 ).

Small masterpiece parody Frankenstein is undoubtedly one of the favorite movies of moviegoers. The screenplay pretext smile. And if the famous Doctor had a son toddler. Combined with its excellent eternal accomplice Marty Feldman, Gene Wilder book by one of his best compositions.

In 1972 Woody Allen has also been able to use the comic vein of his contemporary. In the movie Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * , helped by Gene Wilder in the top of his game, he freed us from our taboos without ever getting bored.

Finally, a last superstar to be sad today. In 2015 Steven Spielberg has expressed the wish to direct the actor. He thought about it for a science fiction film Ready Player One . Fate has decided otherwise.

The Producers (1968) Mel Brooks, with Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder Dick Shawn …

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) Mel Stuart, with Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson, Peter Ostrum …

Everything you always wanted to know about sex * (1972) Woody Allen Woody Allen, Gene Wilder, John Carradine, Louise Lasser …

Frankenstein (1974) Mel Brooks, starring Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman …

the Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ smarter Brother (1975) Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn …


Death of Gene Wilder, comic genius and favorite actor Mel Brooks – USAinformations

Tributes were soon after the announcement by his nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman, the death of Gene Wilder suites of Alzheimer’s disease in Stamford, Connecticut. In a statement, he said that his uncle suffered from this disease for three years and had “chosen to keep secret.” The decision “was not vanity,” he assured, but he took it to the children who crossed the do not lose the smile if an adult says his illness. “He could not bear the idea of ​​a less smile in the world,” continued Jordan Walker-Pearlman. He said that when his uncle pushed his last breath is elevated to the room one of his favorite songs: “Somewhere over the rainbow”, performed by Ella Fitzgerald, whom he met. The list of music was random, he said.

“Producers” and “Frankenstein Junior”

Gene Wilder, recognizable by its abundant curly hair and big blue eyes, was appointed two Academy Awards for her role in “the Producers” (1968) and for co-writing the script of the hilarious parody of the horror film fashion 1930 “Frankenstein” (1974), two films of Mel Brooks he was a favorite actor. His performance in “Blazing Saddles” (1974), also directed by Mel Brooks, had been particularly welcomed and the film had a great success at the box office

“Gene Wilder. – One of the truly great talents of our time. he has bestowed its magic all the movies we’ve made and it rewarded me with his friendship, “he tweeted Monday, August 29 Mel Brooks. The director and the actor were presented by Anne Bancroft, co-star of Wilder on Broadway in the 1960s and who married Mel Brooks later.

Willy Wonka

But Wilder acquired an international reputation for his incarnation of the eccentric factory owner Willy Wonka in a 1971 adaptation of the novel by Roald Dahl “Charlie and the chocolate factory” (1964). The actor was also on the poster for the comedy “Silver Streak” (1976) by Arthur Hiller, alongside Richard Pryor, as well as “Should s’faire the trunk” (1980) Sidney Poitier.

Rain Pryor, daughter of Richard Pryor, praised on Twitter “a great comedy film duo for eternity dad and Gene Wilder,” stressing that the two men were not friends in life but “nothing could or will beat their magic on the screen. ” The actor and British director Stephen Fry thanked Gene Wilder “for all those joyous, happy hours,” calling it a “comic genius”. Many personalities have paid tribute to him as John Cusack, Ricky Gervais, Elizabeth Banks, Olicia Wilde, Russell Crowe, or Rob Lowe, Albert Brooks, James Urbaniak, Larry Wilmore, Uzo Aduba …
his last major role dates back to the late 1990s, in a television version of “Alice in Wonderland”.

Son of a Russian family of origin

Jerome Born Silberman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he was the son of a Russian Jewish emigre who imported alcohol and a Russian-born mother born in Illinois. He spent his youth trying to entertain her ailing mother after a heart attack when he was six. She died 17 years later.

Gene Wilder has taken a liking to the theater in high school playing in an adaptation of Arthur Miller’s play “Death of a Salesman”, and graduated theater at the University of Iowa. After studying at the Bristol Old Vic School in England, where he became a talented fencer, he returned to the United States and had spent some time in the army. He then changed his name and joined the famed Actor’s Studio with Lee Strasberg.

His first job as an actor in 1961 for “Roots” of Arnold Wesker, a piece of unofficial Broadway program. And six years later, he landed his first film role in “Bonnie and Clyde” by Arthur Penn, where he played Eugene Grizzard (the kidnapped gravedigger). Married four times, he had been treated for lymphoma in 2000.


Monday, August 29, 2016

TF1: the audience at the lowest in its history – Le Figaro

The first string was impacted by the Olympic Games, broadcast on state television, which they increased significantly, according to figures from Médiamétrie.

the TF1′s audience fell in August to 18.6%, the lowest month ever, competition from the Olympics broadcast on public channels, they have increased significantly, according to figures from Médiamétrie today.

2 France saw its audience increase to 15.3% and 10.3% France 3. M6 also penalized, fell to 9.6% against 10% a year earlier. Canal + has stood at 1.8% against 0.9% in July but against 2.1% in August 2015.

TF1, however, saw its audience back strongly late August, after the end of the Olympics. During the last week, with the restart of its re-entry programs, the chain rebounded to 20.8%, with a rise even more pronounced in women under 50 (23.6%).

His previous lowest monthly hearing date of August 2015


“Television, first source of information than half of French


Yann Barthes: “I have no news of Cyrille Eldin, not even a SMS” – Pure People

A pellet on TF1 every night after the News, a daily titled Daily daily on TMC and a weekly program on TF1: Yann Barthes is THE face that has bet the first chain Europe this autumn 2016. the leader of 41 years, very discreet, has told the magazine TV two weeks .

His departure from Canal + has shocked many viewers already many prefer follow the presenter whatever the channel where it is located, rather than watching the new formula of Diary . Besides, Cyrille Eldin, his replacement is already battered by some fans of the program. Besides having to retain a new audience, the latter has, in addition, not a chance to take the same to start since the duo Eric and Quentin, Martin Hugo Clément Weill or have chosen to follow Yann Barthes at TF1.

No upset to know that Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches, aka Catherine and Liliane, have made the opposite choice, the leader openly wish them well … unlike his successor. “ I have not heard from Cyrille Eldin, not even a text message. So I do not have much to say ,” said the new star of TF1 also reveals that Canal + nobody tried to stop him.

Besides, why Yann Barthes chose to leave the chain? “ When I presented the strategy of Vincent Bolloré, ie encrypt a part of Diary I told myself that it was not possible. I preferred to leave , “he says, adding then be no worse nor better paid on TF1.

Yann Barthes’s debut TMC will from Monday, September 12 at 19:10 and from the Tuesday, 13 September at 20:45 on TF1. His weekly show which will be a spin-off of the Daily come to share in November. We wish him good luck!

Read the full interview with Yann Barthes in the magazine TV two weeks , on newsstands August 29, 2016.


The terrible fate of the sister Mariah Carey – Le Figaro

Alison Carey, the big sister of pop diva, was arrested on August 26 in Saugerties by the state police in New York. The woman, 55, HIV-positive, is accused of selling her body.

While one is in full light, the other is experiencing a darker fate. According to the site The Daily Freeman , the big sister Mariah Carrey was arrested August 26 for prostitution.

Alison prostitute for a week in a hotel in Saugerties, town the Ulster County in New York State. The woman, 55, who sold his services by a system of ads, fell into the trap of being an undercover police officer posing as a client.

Alison Carey quickly clarified its famous parentage, which was confirmed by the police. It was also established that the poor woman was HIV positive. Measures have obviously been taken to contact his previous sexual partners and require them to consult a doctor.

The sister of the interpreter Without You will appear in court on 30 August 2016. for a long time in cold with Mariah Carey Alison had recently launched a call to him like message to the rescue by video imploring him to “not abandon it like that.”

In an interview to the newspaper The Sun a few months earlier, Morgan – the brother of Alison and Mariah Carey, revealed to the public the situation of Alison and accused the pop star of egocentrism and selfishness not to provide for her older sister. For now, Mariah Carey did not react.

This curious and unfortunate sibling relationship is however not exceptional. We learned it is more than two years, Anthony Ciccone, brother of the multi-millionaire Madonna, was homeless for years.


Yann Barthes hope to take on the public TMC Diary – The Express

I hope that those watching us on Canal + will come to see us on TMC ,” he told the host to the newspaper “ Télé2semaines .”

With its producer Lawrence Good, Yann Barthes decided before the summer to leave Canal +, which plans to encrypt the “ Diary .” TF1 was recruited to perform on every night at 19:10 TMC “ Daily “, a program that mix, as the Petit Journal, humor and news.

He will also present on TF1 lozenge after JT with the best moments of “ Daily ” as well as a weekly program in November.

He took with him a good part of his team, except the comic duo Catherine and Liliane (Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches) and political interviewer hair to scrape Cyrille Eldin, who will take on Canal + a “ Diary ” revamped and encrypted part.

Daily ” look like him a lot. “ This is a new adventure, even if not much is going to change … ,” said the leader. “ You can blame me for doing the same thing, but that’s why they picked me, not

If m ‘ had come to turn a wheel or to win cars, I am not able to do. it will therefore have a new issue but, on the mixture of humor and news, the serious and the light, we find the same tone “, he added.

It ensures that TF1 will give it a “ full independence ” with “ the same limits on Canal +, we do not insult people, if you do ride not naked in the street … We know keep . ”

Daily “, the policy of TMC prompt: “ there will be primary, US and French elections … We will treat any and invite politicians that we want to receive , “he said.

So far TMC was programming schedule for this series that attracted that 250,000 to 400,000 people. Yann Barthes does not set a target but “ if at the end of the year, we reach a million viewers, it will blow up the champagne! “, he replies.

No way “ squabble ” against “ not touch my post ” on D8, scheduled at the same time. “ Why should I be in competition with Cyril Hanouna that Nagui, Laurence Boccolini, or 19/20 of France 3 ‘,” concluded the leader.


Rihanna Michael Jackson receives the award from the hands of Drake – Le Figaro

VIDEOS – The Barbadian singer was honored for his entire career at the MTV Video Music Awards, which took place on August 28 at Madison Square Garden. As emcee, rapper Drake did not hide his enthusiasm …

Like Beyoncé, Rihanna has also illuminated the evening at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday August 28th. The singer of 28 years ignited the Madison Square Garden by performing a mix of his “hits” on the most famous hip-hop choreography, before receiving the prestigious Michael Jackson Vanguard Award.

The trophy, which rewards the entire career of Barbadian artist, was presented by rapper Drake, who did not hide his emotion or feelings while praising his scene partner. “She was able to stay itself, that nobody does. It’s the same girl from Barbados, surrounded by the same friends, who kept his accent. (…) What we love most of all is that this is the same woman from the first day, “and dropped the young man before an audience in a trance.

The rapper clearly under the spell added: “It’s someone I’m in love since I was 22 years old. This is one of my best friends in the world, all my life I have always admired even though she is younger than me. It is a living legend. ”

Such words certainly did not leave marble interpreter of Diamonds . Nevertheless, this quasi-declaration of love on stage at Madison Square Garden ended with a nice hug. Is there something fishy between Rihanna and Drake? Not until the next episode to find out …


VIDEOS. Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Rihanna … The five times to remember the MTV Video Music Awards – USAinformations

Named eleven times Video Music Awards (VMA) of MTV, Beyonce was the big winner of the evening, Sunday, Aug. 28. The singer won the main prize for Education , punch video that evokes police violence against African Americans. USAinformations back on the best moments of the evening.

Beyoncé flamboyant for fifteen minutes

“Queen Bey” becomes the third artist to have won eight awards in a ceremony VMAs with Lady Gaga and the Norwegian group a-ha. However, it failed to dethrone Peter Gabriel, who left the champion with ten statuettes won in one night in 1987.

After an introduction led by No. 1 women’s tennis Serena Williams, Beyoncé embarked on a “medley” (potpourri) main title of his latest album, Lemonade.

During the introduction, young women in white dress fell one after the other, within red light reminiscent of a pool of blood, like angels slaughtered a shot. Superstar 34 years has also brought with it the VMAs mothers of young blacks killed by police in recent years, including that of Michael Brown.

She then chained dragging her virginal mantle to take a more demonic appearance, revealing a black body, hair nets and waders to sing the song Hold up , to which she received the VMA for best video of a female artist.

Drake declares his love for Rihanna

Romance, the singer Drake handed the Vanguard award to Rihanna, a distinction honoring his career. The opportunity to declare his love before the hug. “ It has remained herself, that no one does. It’s the same girl from Barbados, surrounded by the same friends, who speaks with the same accent. (…) This is someone one that I like from my 22 “, has he confided before taking it in his arms.

The singer dedicated his award to his home island of Barbados. She started the evening by heating the Madison Square Garden with a mix of his best known hits a hip-hop choreography and performance tinged raggamuffin including his hit Work . She then electrified the room with a video animation where it seems struck by lightning for the title Bitch Better Have my Money before finishing in gala dress for a solo more intimate.

the sexy show Britney Spears

She had not appeared on the stage of the VMA for nine years. Britney Spears had the tough task of succeeding Beyoncé on stage with Make Me … , song from his new album Glory in a bodysuit and yellow rhinestone a lascivious choreography. A show while sensual movements, but playback. The singer was accompanied by rapper G-Eazy.

The poem Alicia Keys

The singer Alicia Keys, who carries more makeup to protest against the dictates of beauty imposed on women by society, recited a poem inspired by Martin Luther King and sung a cappella. This August 28 is the anniversary of the famous speech of nonviolent activist for black civil rights in the United States.

“If warfare is a and make love under a sin, then we are lost in the daydream. Locked by borders and the lack of education, divided by differences, our sexuality and our skin, declaimed the singer. Maybe someone we love, instead of glitter bombs of these holy wars. “

the special speech Kanye West

“I’m Kanye West and it feels good to say that this year.” a regular VMA, where he regularly creates controversy, Kanye West has engaged in a grandiloquent and rambling speech he has the secret.

“Yeezy” evoked the video for her song Famous , where it appears in a giant bed together naked celebrities – many lookalikes – like singer Taylor Swift, or the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. “We arrived in the same boat now we are in the same bed” , then launched Kanye West. To say that his speech and the video for Fade , he had come to present, let the skeptical audience.

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MTV VMAs: Beyoncé reigned in majesty on the ceremony – Paris Match

Beyonce was the big winner on Sunday evening to the Video Music Awards (VMA) of MTV, winning the main prize for “Training”, punch video which evokes the police violence against African-American.

With 11 nominations, Beyonce favorite was leaving Sunday before the ceremony of the Video Music Awards (VMA). The star has ignited the Madison Square Garden with a stunning performance and dedicated his award “to the people of New Orleans.” This town in the southern United States inspired the video “Training”, directed by Melina Matsoukas, who evokes Hurricane Katrina and the Creole culture of Louisiana. “Training,” from the concept album “Lemonade”, had created controversy and placed the pop star on a more political ground than usual.

The Queen Beyoncé has also shown his talent and vitality in a performance of more than ten minutes. As an introduction, a scenography where young women in white dress fall one after the other, within red light reminiscent of a pool of blood. Like angels slaughtered a shot. Superstar 34 years has also brought with it the VMAs Sunday blacks young mothers killed by police in recent years, including that of Michael Brown. She then went on to dragging her virginal mantle to take a more demonic appearance, revealing a black body, hair nets and waders to sing the song “hold up” for which she received the VMA for Best Video of a female artist. It is about a woman who discovers her husband’s infidelity, a key theme of “Lemonade”, making widely echoed the rumors about the indiscretions of her husband, rapper Jay-Z. “What’s worse, jealous or mad? I prefer to be mad, “launched Beyoncé cameras before embarking on a” twerk “frenzied.

” Training “also received more technical VMA as the price of the long video, the assembly , photography or realization. “Queen Bey” has won a total of 8 VMA at this event which puts tied for the largest number of prizes in an evening with Lady Gaga and Norwegians a-ha, who ignited dance floors in 80s, but it’s Peter Gabriel remains the champion with 10 VMA time “Sledgehammer”.

Britney Spears had the tough task of succeeding him on stage with “Make me …” , song from his new album “Glory” in a body with yellow rhinestones and a lascivious dance, but unconvincing. Singer Alicia Keys, who carries more makeup to protest against the dictates of beauty imposed on women by society, recited a poem inspired by Martin Luther King and sung a cappella. This August 28 is the anniversary of the famous speech of MLK and his dream. Rihanna, who received the Vanguard award honoring his career, was the other star of the evening. The pop star 28 years old with green eyes dedicated his award to his home island of Barbados. She started the evening by heating the Madison Square Garden with a mix of his “hits” on the most famous hip-hop choreography and performance raggamuffin tinged rhythms including its “Work” tube. She then electrified the hall with video animation where it seems struck by lightning for the title “Better Have my Money” before closing in gala dress for a more intimate solo.

Among the winners, Drake won the award for best hip hop video for his worldwide hit “Bling Hotline”. Stuck in traffic, he arrived too late to receive his statuette but he delivered the tribute to Rihanna, her “best friend”. The rumor that the two stars have recovered all short for months. The quick hug they shared on stage was distraught social networks.

A regular of the VMAs, where he regularly creates controversy, Kanye West has engaged in a grandiloquent and rambling speech he has the secret. “Yeezy” evoked the video for her song “Famous” where it appears in a giant bed alongside many celebrities bare -for sosies- as singer Taylor Swift, or the Republican presidential candidate and reality TV star Donald Trump. “We came in the same boat now we are in the same bed”, launched Kanye West, before changing his mind, perhaps because he remembered that blacks arrived as slaves.

Among the other winners, “Blackstar” fire David Bowie was awarded the prize for best art direction and Calvin Harris one of the best male artist video for “this is What you came for,” as interpreted by. .. Rihanna.

reproduction prohibited


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Leave a dress in the Dead Sea for 2 months gives this result – The Times of Israel

The Israeli artist Landau transforms a black dress in the style of the 1920s into a brilliant work of art covered with salt.

The Israeli artist, Landau, submerged a dress – a replica of the traditional Hasidic dress worn by the character Leah in Yiddish play “The Dybbuk” – in Dead sea in 2014 and captured its evolution over time in the photographing.

The waters rich in sea salt crystallized dress, transforming a “symbol associated with death and madness in a wedding dress she had always been intended to be “has she said in a press release describing an exhibition of his pictures.

the images, some of which are presented below, are exhibited at Marlborough Contemporary museum London until September 3

This is not the first time that Landau left something in the Dead sea – watch some of his other works here:

 the black dress of the artist isra & # xe9  ; lian Landau in the Dead sea (Cr & # xe9,  says Marlborough Contemporary)

the black dress of the Israeli artist Landau in the Dead sea (Credit: Marlborough Contemporary)

 the black dress of the artist isra & #  xe9; lian Landau in the Dead sea (Cr & # xe9,  says Marlborough Contemporary)

The black dress Israeli artist Landau in the Dead sea (Credit: Marlborough Contemporary)

 the black dress of the artist isra & #  xe9; lian Landau in the Dead sea (Cr & # xe9,  says Marlborough Contemporary)

the black dress of the Israeli artist Landau in Dead sea (Credit: Marlborough Contemporary)

 the black dress of the artist isra & #  xe9; lian Landau in the Dead sea (Cr & # xe9,  says Marlborough Contemporary)

the black dress of the Israeli artist Landau in the Dead sea (Credit: Marlborough Contemporary)