Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Samuel Étienne: The moderator, dad, book his first words! – Pure People

Updating : On his Twitter account, Samuel Etienne confirmed his paternity. “ What a beautiful day … A big thank you to everyone for your kind words, your attention … “, has he written caption of a photo of baby socks.

August 30, 2016, we wrote the first child of Samuel Étienne decided to point the tip of his nose! On 1 August, the host issued a cliché announcing baby’s arrival for a month and this is Tuesday, August 30 that he decided to see the day …

Indeed, while it took the antenna at 5am this morning to host his show Hello Europe 1 , Stephen Samuel was forced to leave moments later because his wife, Helen, had entered hospital to give birth. “ I’m going to give up this morning to a somewhat unusual reason. There is good news, a happy event as they say, as the saying goes, was expected there in the coming hours, and c is now that I am expected at the clinic. I entrust this beautiful morning, good luck, Sebastian, good morning , “said Samuel Etienne. Fortunately, he was then able to assign the microphone to his colleague Sébastien Guyot.

The 45-year leader, also in command of Questions for a champion is received congratulations Europe 1 on Twitter. This is his first child and he is a boy.


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