Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rock en Seine, a festival under surveillance and under mist – USAinformations

State of emergency forces, the organizers of Rock en Seine have deployed large resources. 400 people were mobilized to ensure the reception, comfort and above all the safety of festivalgoers expected until tomorrow night at Domaine de Saint Cloud, outside Paris. “The workforce was increased by about 30 to 40%,” says François Missonnier, President of the Festival.

Searching of bags, touching, no question this year access to concerts without security checks. An obligation that the public bends good grace.

P.Forgue / S.Thiebbaut / M.Cargnino / M.Chailleby

Another concern this year, the scorching heat. So to avoid hot shots, there are the traditional water, obviously stormed but giant misters. A refresh more than necessary before accessing the concert halls where the atmosphere is steamy. I must say that this year, Programming what inflame the public.

Last night, for example, the Irish rock group Two Door Cinema Club and the DJ trio, Birdy Nam Nam have significantly raise the temperature .

Concert of Irish group Two Door Cinema Club  at Rock en Seine

Concert of Irish group Two Door Cinema Club at Rock en Seine


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