Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Too sexy Mariah Carey censored by two California airports – Le Figaro

The American diva did not hesitate to highlight its arguments in an advertising campaign for its tour which will begin on 24 August. A commercial operation deemed too sensual, and that was canceled in Burbank and Orange County.

Back in Las Vegas for a series of concerts from August 24, 2016, Mariah Carey and her communications team did not hesitate to do a little bit of publicity around the event. No need to rub the voluptuous star in his private life to know that she is a big fan of mini-dresses with a thousand sequins and plunging necklines. What dizzy to more than one admirer of the singer.

In view of this tour, the communication strategy used to mark the occasion managed to talk her … though not everyone is thrilled, up to some panic people. Large billboards with the image of Mariah Carey had to be placed in two California airports, Burbank and Orange County including several flights are intended to Las Vegas. Operation canceled because of … the generous bosom of the singer.

In fact, the owners of two California airports felt that this advertising the star was too sexy for their taste. They simply refused to place advertising within their company. According to TMZ , these photographs unveiled a Mariah Carey too sensual and curvaceous, wearing a neckline worthy of a dip in the great depths. An advertisement that might well do miss their flight to the gentlemen a little too attentive to forms of the beautiful 46 years.

The panic around the sexy body Mariah Carey also won the Caesar Palace where the singer has to happen soon. The property requires a version more “soft” this advertising deemed “shocking” by the directors of the casino hotel or they will not circulate.


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