Friday, August 26, 2016

New album of Celine Dion still a stew – L’Obs

It is not particularly long: twelve songs, in the version “for the poor”, five edition “Deluxe”. Yet listening is as endless annoying and ugly. Long as the last days of school before the holidays, such as Christmas when it is hoped his gifts, as the ascension of Galeries Lafayette, as awaiting the opening of boarding at the airport. For example

The suspense. This long thing is the album of Celine Dion, happens when we had the least desire, a few months after his campaign drums beating for his series of concerts in Paris, preceded by the promotion of the disappearance of her husband, René. The deceased is also very present, he has never even been much in the Celine Dion directory. Death is good sometimes. It is found in the obituary song, “Another night,” Jean-Jacques Goldman had the good taste to write the lifetime of Rene Angelil, in anticipation of his death. It gives its title to the album and the door. This is what we hear less worse

It starts badly …

The rest is soup overproduced. It begins, oddly enough with a nice text by Serge Lama and Francis Cabrel, with music that he co-authored with Jacques Veneruso. Nice text, yes, that “More than anywhere else,” a cabrélien pace devil. Shame that it is interpreted in a voice without a soul, applied. She is, ultimately, a more song, lost in an album. The mess. Then we do not understand how the songs were selected by the singer and his entourage. “The Star”, “I want us”, “If it again,” are typically the kind of songs the nebulous texts, bland, produced with the idea to try his luck in radio. Like the other two signed Zaho, “My fault” and “You’ll know,” on vaguely tribal rhythms that seem to inspire one of the most beautiful voices in the world of fashion gueulantes housewife under fifty. Until then, it was just bored, but as expected, it’s not so bad.

… and after it’s worse

hair is really stands on end when, on his return to the French song, Celine Dion began “Ordinary” wonderful chant that we sang Robert Charlebois in 1970. the lyrics were changed by Charlebois himself and his ex-wife Claudine Monfette (if you believe the credits), the two authors of the original text. What has been going through their head that they slaughter their own song, for they do of their own will, a pastiche in honor of Celine Dion? We hear nonsense like:. “You see me as a goddess / I am a woman not a princess”

And then at one point, the album ( “the poor”) s’ ends with a twelfth song, quite nice if a little bland “At the highest branch.” The latter, signed by Quebecers Daniel Picard, voice lining of George Clooney and Jim Carrey, bluntly chosen by the public, after a competition which were offered on the web, at an auction heart, a thousand songs.

one day, when we’re rich, we’ll buy the “Deluxe” edition to hear the songs of Vianney, a third of Zaho and a cover of “Three-twenty” Eddie Marnay, Celine Dion bleuette a child once sang, the time of his meeting with René fire.

the Quebec had not released an album for the french market for “Without waiting” it was in 2012-which remembers? This is not the best, but the singer can thank Jean-Jacques Goldman for having saved the day, once again, by providing the only potential hit of all.


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