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Ranking JDD: Omar Sy favorite personality of the French! – Screenrush

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Ranking JDD: Omar Sy favorite personality of the French!

By Clement Cuyer ▪ Sunday, August 14, 2016 – 7:35 p.m.

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Omar Sy becomes the French favorite personality according to the bi-annual ranking published by the JDD, dethroning the singer Jean-Jacques Goldman. Discover what images are the actors who make up the Top 20.

Omar Sy acclaimed! The 38-year-old actor moved to bi-annual ranking of the head traditionally published by le Journal du Dimanche and directed by Ifop, which lists 50 favorite personalities of the French. Second end of 2015, Omar Sy dethrones the singer Jean-Jacques Goldman, who retrograde second, the podium being completed by women Simone Veil policy.

un interview with JDD , Omar Sy says “very honored by this public recognition. I take it as a declaration of love, it goes straight to my heart at a time when we talk mostly hatred. “ the actor also shared his pride on social media .

Check out our slideshow above what behind Omar Sy, the other actors that make up the Top 20

Omar Sy will be on view from “Inferno,” with Tom Hanks, on 9 November.:

Inferno trailer


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