Monday, August 29, 2016

Yann Barthes hope to take on the public TMC Diary – The Express

I hope that those watching us on Canal + will come to see us on TMC ,” he told the host to the newspaper “ Télé2semaines .”

With its producer Lawrence Good, Yann Barthes decided before the summer to leave Canal +, which plans to encrypt the “ Diary .” TF1 was recruited to perform on every night at 19:10 TMC “ Daily “, a program that mix, as the Petit Journal, humor and news.

He will also present on TF1 lozenge after JT with the best moments of “ Daily ” as well as a weekly program in November.

He took with him a good part of his team, except the comic duo Catherine and Liliane (Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches) and political interviewer hair to scrape Cyrille Eldin, who will take on Canal + a “ Diary ” revamped and encrypted part.

Daily ” look like him a lot. “ This is a new adventure, even if not much is going to change … ,” said the leader. “ You can blame me for doing the same thing, but that’s why they picked me, not

If m ‘ had come to turn a wheel or to win cars, I am not able to do. it will therefore have a new issue but, on the mixture of humor and news, the serious and the light, we find the same tone “, he added.

It ensures that TF1 will give it a “ full independence ” with “ the same limits on Canal +, we do not insult people, if you do ride not naked in the street … We know keep . ”

Daily “, the policy of TMC prompt: “ there will be primary, US and French elections … We will treat any and invite politicians that we want to receive , “he said.

So far TMC was programming schedule for this series that attracted that 250,000 to 400,000 people. Yann Barthes does not set a target but “ if at the end of the year, we reach a million viewers, it will blow up the champagne! “, he replies.

No way “ squabble ” against “ not touch my post ” on D8, scheduled at the same time. “ Why should I be in competition with Cyril Hanouna that Nagui, Laurence Boccolini, or 19/20 of France 3 ‘,” concluded the leader.


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