Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The mayors of Le Touquet, Oye-Plage and Calais hunt in turn the burkini – La Voix du Nord

Touquet, daniel fasquelle “One idea that kept running through my head,”

Not a word on Friday night, the traditional meeting of owners, the oral exam of the year. And then suddenly, on Tuesday, the deputy mayor of Le Touquet has unsheathed a decree was cause on the beach.

In a few days the burkinis will be banned on the Touquettois sand. This is an idea that kept running through my head for a few weeks says daniel fasquelle. I voted to ban the burqa in public places. There is no reason why it is tolerated on the beach. About consistency.

daniel fasquelle, Deputy  Mayor of Le Touquet.

Question may also timing ? 27 and August 28 held national campus Young Republicans Touquet. An event where Nicolas Sarkozy appear most likely as a candidate for the party primary for the presidential 2017.

This law made by other mayors of right could also be a way for daniel fasquelle of increasingly assert his support for the former head of state. in less than a year of legislative elections, as may be a way to counter the FN whose influence extends into the member’s riding .

daniel fasquelle place three other arguments to justify. “ This is primarily a safety issue. It was arming the CRS on beaches, they have to see the faces of people on the sand and in the water (1) says the one. It is then a question of respect for the dignity of women in the Republic. Finally, in the current tense environment, we are committed to religious freedom but objected to the provocation that encourages extremism.

Necessary to Le Touquet?

But such an order was it really necessary to Le Touquet? Not for Juliette Bernard, former first deputy mayor joined the opposition: the statements are similar to “ an act of political communication (…) Veiled women, this is not a problem in Le Touquet, I have never seen on the beach , “said the one. “ I was told a few isolated cases, such as women who remained in a tent all afternoon. Yet the problem is not so acute as other southern beaches “cautions daniel fasquelle.

Besides, what will really prohibit arrested? Municipal services are working on a draft text to be signed at the end of the week. It is not yet known whether he will ban the full veil or only then more broadly, as is the case in Cannes, religious clothing. offenders to the new rules could be imposed a small fine.

Oye-Plage too soon to Calais

The mayor of Oye-Plage (east of Calais), Olivier Majewicz (PS), decided to write an order from Tuesday. Sign it quickly. He made his decision after crossing on a beach in the town a woman fully dressed in black. The elected justify his decision: “ Even if I do not do amalgam, nothing says it does not hide something underneath ” He also believes that wearing the burkini depends on a “ religious choice. And if we apply the principle of secularism to the beach, it has no place “. Finally, it considers that “ the burkini is not very respectful to women . “

Meanwhile, Natacha Bouchart Mayor (LR) of Calais, prohibit the burkini the end of next week, “ I let the government one week to take responsibility .”

1. That does not prevent the burkini.


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